Ok, maybe you aren’t the type of person that actually expects to look out your window one day and see a scene full of extras from the Walking Dead. There are much more probable disasters for which your household should be prepared. Fires, floods and storms can affect anyone. It is good to have some plans and items in your house to help your family survive.  Here are a few things that you should have on hand, to help you survive the most common disasters.

Is Your Household Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse
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House fires are quite common. As the world’s climate rapidly changes, wildfires are becoming much more common as well. Places that usually don’t have fire have been having fires. Even some rainforests have had large fires in recent years.  Your family should be prepared to fight a small fire in your house and escape the building when needed.  Your family should have smoke detectors, one or more fire extinguishers, and escape ladders for rooms on upper floors. All of those items can be found in one place at the Zoro store. Your family should have a plan about fire escape routes and agree on a place to meet outdoors, or at a neighbor’s house, should your home burn.


Various disasters, such as floods, storms or fires can knock out the supply of clean water to your home.  You should have enough bottled water on hand, for your whole family, for several days. This could be as simple as keeping a case or two of bottled water in the bottom of a closet or in the garage. If you think a disaster may be about to besiege your home, such as an incoming hurricane, fill up your sinks and bathtub with tap water. If your area loses its water supply, it could be off for days. The extra water will help you survive.


Some “prepper” people will tell you that your family should have from 3 months to a year worth of food. Especially in the developed world, a disaster of that magnitude is about as rare as a Zombie Apocalypse. It is fairly easy to have a week or two worth of food stored. Canned goods are an option, because they can last for years. Having a few pounds of rice and other dry staple foods is also a good idea.  If you lose electricity and/or gas, your stove and microwave oven will not function.  Having a BBQ grill can give you a means to cook.


Your family should always have an emergency kit with first aid supplies, such as bandages, gauze, tape, antiseptic and a few basic medications. Two things to good to have are aspirin, which can be used for pain relief, but also can save the life of someone having a heart attack, and Benedryl, which can prevent anaphylactic shock if someone is bitten or stung by bees, snakes, scorpions or spiders.  Everyone in your family should have some basic knowledge of first aid and be CPR trained if possible.  Such knowledge may suddenly become useful at any time in life.

The world can be a scary place at times. You might not have to worry about zombies, but it is always good to be prepared. Proper disaster preparations can do a lot of psychological good for your family. You can know that whatever life throws at your family, you will all probably make it out alive.

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