Important Facts About Test Clear

Important Facts About Test Clear

Drug tests have become a prerequisite for employment today. The increasing awareness on personal safety as well as company safety has resulted in an upsurge in drug testing. Advancement in technology has paved the way for improved drug testing solutions. This Testclear review offers consumers a wide range of popular available options.

Random drug testing designed to screen individuals is very prevalent today, due to recreational drug use by individuals. Drug test kits help persons know their status and remove the toxins from the body, since testing positive may result in firing from the workplace.

The most common drug testing conducted in laboratories is via urine samples. Blood, saliva, and hair samples are also used. However, if urine samples are used, persons have the option to choose powdered urine kits. These kits are imitators of how urine looks and smells. Additionally, the included heat strip heats the urine sample to the perfect temperature with the intent to evade detection.

Powdered human urine comes in pouches and are included in the test kits. The process is simple; user adds the powder with water and mix, and then heats it. With this process, an individual can provide a suitable urine sample, which is similar to genuine toxin-free human urine.


The method of detoxification is a proven workable alternative that has helped persons pass the tests. The process employs the use of drink that detoxifies the body up to four hours after the initial moment of ingesting. This four-hour testing window allows the drink to rid the body of toxins, which resulting in a negative test for the user. The detoxification method works with other types of tests such as blood, urine and hair.

Users are required to embrace a clean diet prior to the period leading up to the test. The intent of this period is to supercharge the metabolism rate thereby maximizing on the effectiveness of the process of detoxification.

Testing the Hair for Drug

In this method, hair sample is tested in the laboratory to identify traces of drug. The second layer of the hair shaft is usually the place where toxins are. By using specific shampoo formula designed for the hair, the user is able to remove these toxins. The shampoo cleanses the hair shaft of the toxins, thereby removing any sign of drug use.

Individuals who want to obtain a negative test from hair drug tests should resist the usage of drugs no less than ten days prior to the test.

Marijuana Test

This test is usually required for job screening purposes. It is a requirement for individuals whose job descriptions include the handling of sensitive tasks, which require high concentration levels and reliability. Regular random testing is the norm after the initial test. This seeks to ensure that employees deliver unimpaired judgement while on the job. The employee’s role usually determines how frequently the tests is done.

The use of a wide range of recreational drugs such as marijuana has contributed to the development of drug tests, which can identify the existence of toxins in the body. The quick chemical reactions allow ingested drugs to convert from their pure form into toxins. In marijuana, THC breaks down into THC-COOH and is discovered in the user’s urine sample via a drug test. Read more here

It is easy to detect THC-COOH because it has a longer “staying time” in the body. The set pre-determined criteria allow the tests to measure the level of toxins. Many organizations set varying THC-COOH satisfactory levels. For most employers the stipulated set limit is 50ng/ml, others is 20ng/ml.

For a beginning user, marijuana can remain in the system from 3-6 days. For moderate users, the drug can be cleared within 12 days; heavy users will need a two months period.

Is powdered urine reliable?

Individuals who have drug test pending would want to know how reliable powdered urine is, in avoiding detection. Unsupervised tests offer the best results. However, complication arises in situations where powdered urine tests are used when supervised tests are being done.


Unsupervised tests provide individuals with negative test results because in the unsupervised test individuals can expect to pass the test because the artificial urine looks like genuine human urine.

Laboratories generally check for temperature, gravity, nitrate, urea and the urine’s pH levels to guarantee originality and reliability.


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