Before 2015 ended, I became interested in the zero waste movement. I read a lot of articles about it, watched a lot of Youtube videos regarding it, and even read some books about zero waste lifestyle. I started stalking zero waste advocates like Lauren Singer and Bea Johnson. I’ve also read countless blogs and joined different Facebook groups to keep on track.

As a lady, I am a beauty product enthusiast. However, through my quest for zero waste, most advocates promote using homemade natural skincare products and organic makeup. Nonetheless, I came up with terms that I am not that prepared to start that track yet. I am slowly starting to convert my lifestyle and homemade natural skincare products is not yet part of my plan, but maybe it will soon be.

Go Local and Natural

One of the fundamentals in zero waste is to go local when shopping. When it is not available in your area, find an alternative. Skincare products are my primary objective in this phase.

When it is not available in your area, find an alternative.

However, there are not that many local health and beauty supply store that are known to be making natural skincare products and organic makeup in the Philippines. In my effort to go with this challenge, I decided to start with one of the famous beauty supply store brands in the Philipines, Human Heart Nature.

I Started Using Natural Skincare Products and Here's My Story


Human Heart Nature

Human Heart Nature is one of the famous local beauty supply stores in the Philippines. They have many branches nationwide and their products at least 95% natural, and most are 100% natural. Aside from that, they are using locally available materials. They are also supporting organizations and are selling their products on their store.

I have been using their Sunflower Beauty Oil for a while now. I’ve already finished two 50ml bottles and they were worth the price. One 50ml bottles of which lasts for more than 4 months. I used this everyday, day and night as a moisturizer.

I have also started using their Natural Feminine Wash in Chamomile and Natural Strengthening Shampoo in Soothing Aloe. So far so good. I might craft some reviews for these products in the future so stay tuned.

Another product I bought from them was the Minka Bamboo Toothbrush. All of its materials are biodegradable unlike plastic toothbrush. However, please be mindful that this does not come cheap. I used to buy 3 toothbrushes for the price of around less than Php 50.00 but I spent Php 200.00 for a piece of this. I think they are worth every penny though if this is for the environment.

I bought most of the Human Heart Nature products from Beauty Bar Philippines. I hope though that I could visit HHN’s main branch in Commonwealth in the future.

ONO All-Natural Skin Care Products

I have been trying to find other natural skin care products to try. After using Beauche, and Kojic soap for the longest months, I have decided to stop and look for natural alternatives which is also part of my zero waste initiative.

I stumbled on ONO All-Natural Skin Care products through Facebook. I don’t know when but it just happened. They are based in Cebu City so they had their products shipped to my location. I already tried their Olive Cleanse soap and am now using their Papaya-Turmeric variant. I also ordered Oat and Rice soap from them which remains to be used but time will come.

I’m excited to review these all natural skincare products.

Do you know any natural beauty brand?

I am still on the lookout for any local natural beauty brand out there. Although this is not really as zero waste as it should be, this is one step–going local and supporting fellow Filipino entrepreneurs! Share and comment your favorite local health and beauty supply store now.

Zero waste is not as trending as other advocacy today especially here in the Philippines. But what it means to start a zero waste is the opportunity to start sustainably.