Women in stiletto heels shoes looked sexy to some people. But if you walk in tiptoe all the time and looks like you are about to trip while walking in a flat, cemented road, then you do not look sexy at all. If you are one of the ladies out there who want to learn the secret, then here are the basic three tips on how to walk in stiletto.

How to Walk in Stilleto Heels by Remakestyle

Make Sure they are the Right Fit

First things first–make sure you are wearing fit for your heels. If your stilettos are too big, then they would slide on your feet. Have them smaller than your size would then make your feet cramped. Buying shoes with the wrong fit is a waste of money and will make just look like you are wearing cheap heels. Your can always opt buying stilettos online shopping or through the local department store but make sure they are sturdy enough for you.

Take a Step at a Time

There is nothing wrong with taking your time, after all, you have all the excuse–you are wearing stilettos for crying out loud. The trick in wearing these heels is to take it slowly. Practice walking in 3-inch heels first then gradually increase those inches time by time.

Stand Straight

You are probably wondering how those actresses could look good all the time even if they are wearing heels all the time. Well, they went trough trouble like everybody else but they don’t let it bother them. The thing which makes these people look glam in heels is by standing out firm and taking the scene. By standing straight, you don’t just give balance to your body but also the strength to your ankles. This makes you walk easier and at the same time, makes you look elegant. This time, heels for cheap may look royal after all.

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Walking in high heels the right way could not only boost your confidence but can also enhance your posture. Stilettos are also sold in variety of designs and colors which could match any outfits in your wardrobe. Just walk with confidence and stand proud and practice walking when you have time.

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