How to Take Product Photos of Clothing for an Online Store

How to Take Product Photos of Clothing for an Online Store

With so many online stores selling ranges of clothing to suit every size and shape, making sure that your online clothing store stands out is crucial. There are a number of ways in which you can help your e-commerce store stand out, from the marketing strategies and techniques that you use to the ways in which you thank and reward buyers for their custom. When it comes to product images, quality is crucial as often it’s the image which is the pivotal factor when customers are faced with the decision of whether or not to make a purchase. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you take the best ever product images for your online clothing store.

Use a Mannequin

When it comes to product images, displaying items in a more realistic format is much more valuable to customers. Clothing sales are more likely to increase if the customer can see what the item will look like when worn, rather than a flat image of the item laid out since as the customer is unable to try the item on when buying online, they are often hesitant to buy if they can’t visualise what the item would look like when worn. For this reason, using a mannequin which you can then Photoshop out in order to leave an image of just the clothing item but in a human form can often add a lot more value and quality to your product images.

Headless Mannequins
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Hire a Model

Mannequins can add a lot of value to your product images, however modelling your items on a human will take your product photographs to the next level. Models aren’t as inexpensive as a mannequin and you’ll have to find a mutually convenient time, however it will be worth the results as models are able to strike a variety of different poses or work with different angles in order to best emphasise and flatter your items. Many online clothing stores like to choose models who best represent their target customers – for example if you’re selling to teens and young adults choose teen models, or plus size models if your clothing brand is aimed at curvier ladies.

Show Off the Details

Although it’s crucial to have a full image photograph of the clothing item to ensure that customers have a good idea of what it would look like when worn, customers will also want to see close-up images of any intricate details of the item. Full-frame images are not always best for showing off details, which is why it’s a good idea to also include a few close up images of buttons, lace work, tags, patterns and stitching that makes the garment more interesting and that your customer would like to see. The more images available, the more of an all-rounded view the customer will get of your product which is important since they can’t see it in person or try it on before buying.

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