Are you an aspiring model? Interested in fashion designing? Do you like buying clothes? Fancy buying accessories? Do you admire fashion?

Did you answer a big “yes” to any of the questions above? If you did, then maybe you should stop talking about your fashion ideas but instead, compile these in an online blog. But ooops…. here is the big question–how to start your fashion blog?

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Whether you are an amateur in fashion and style or a professional model and fashion photographer, building something you have no experience with could be quite the trouble. If you are dedicated to start a fashion blog from scratch, then fret not. Here are some basic tips on how to start your fashion blog.

Define your Goal

Building a fashion blog is easy if you ask me. But maintaining it, that would be the hard part. Defining what your goal at this point will encourage you to focus on your blogging and help you with the topics you will post in the future.

  • Answer this question: Why do you want to blog? Do you want to blog to document your evolving fashion style? To showcase your fashion designs? Or do you want to blog because you want a place where you can go all out with your fashion ideas? The choices are unlimited actually but you have to limit your answer to something you really want doing.
  • Pick something that interests you. Blogging needs time and effort. You don’t want to use these precious moments pass by to do something you loathe. Picking a goal that interest you will make you find blogging fun and exciting.
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Choose a Name

The name of your blog is like picking a brand name. You want something that will stick in the mind of other people.

  • Relate this to your goal. Knowing the reason why you blog will also help you in choosing your blog name.  If you want to blog to build your fashion portfolio, you may want to choose your name as your brand (e.g. Marinella Folio). If you want to blog about fashion events, you can use The Catwalk, or Ramp Style.
  • Use keyword rich titles. If you want to focus about hair ideas, then you could use keyword rich titles like “hair” and “trends”, making Hair Trends or use derivatives like “style” to make Hair Styles. Keyword rich titles means words that people usually use when searching on search engines like Google or Yahoo! Nowadays, unique keyword rich titles are hard to find but if you do a little research, you’ll be able to find something that will fit your taste.
  • Brainstorm ideas and play with words. Take your time. You may allot a whole day to think of a good blog title. Make something unique but fun, and pick a blog title you could have for the rest of your blogging years. When you audience grow in time, you will find it harder to rebrand your name.
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Pick your Platform

There are three free blog platforms which new fashion bloggers should try.

  • Blogger – This platform owned by Google is one of the popular choices among emerging bloggers. It could take less than 10 minutes to build your own blog using Blogger especially when you already have a Google account. Syncing Google services like Adsense is easy as well. Your address would become “” or “” by default with “” changing depending upon what country you belong.

Blogger was my stepping stone in blogging. I remember having my first blog here I called Pixiechronicle. It is easy to manage and customize, and user friendly. I guess that’s why I still continue on using it.

  • WordPress – Another good platform is WordPress. This is free like Blogger with your website address to be “”. I have tried this platform before but I personally find it complex to handle. However, WordPress offers a fully customizable.

Note: Do not confuse with The former will be free blogging platform we are talking about with the latter being the official site of WordPress projects for self-hosted blogs.

  • Tumblr – If you are into heavy photograph posts, then Tumblr would be a great venue for you. It is easy to upload images, videos and music in this website. In addition to that, social sharing is very popular here. Tumblr is a good platform in starting a photoblog of your fashion adventure.
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Make a Good Layout

So you have started your journey of how to start your blog. You have a blog title, and a blog platform, but you are missing something important—a layout. You audience will look at your layout as an embodiment of you. If your layout is neat, then that is you being organized. If your layout has a warm tone, then that is you being carefree. Use this as an asset in creating a good layout.

  • Use pre-made layout. Since you are just starting out in blogging, coding your own layout might be still stranger to you. Worry not. If you are using Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr, there are premade layouts made available to you by default. Blogger for instance also offers full customizable templates which you can tweak to change their colors, font and dimensions.
  • Decide your Theme. If you already have a layout, then it would be time to customize it. Decide the theme you want your blog to have. You are probably thinking about a shade of pink or blue because it is fashion inclined. If you are undecided, you can check out my compilation of fashion-savvy color palettes.
Blogger Layout from Pixiechronicle

Layout from Pixiechronicle

Start Blogging

Your blog is never complete without contents. This is where your journey in blogging starts. You can start posting about topics which interest you like that fashion event you attended last Sunday, or the trending hairstyle for summer season. However, if you want to target a specific audience, focus in writing on specific topics.

Nothing can be said much about here. This is the part where you will discover things in your life. Or perhaps in my case, I did. Just blog about what you love and rest will follow.

Promote your Blog in Social Media

Whoops… Let us not forget the special part of having a blog—you get to promote your brand. The most popular social media today includes Facebook, and Twitter. Those are good places to start promoting your new blog.

  • Tag brands and people. You can tag brands and other fashion and lifestyle bloggers like me (@pixiespell) for a little promotion. Tagging other brands is a good way to expand the reach of your tweet or post. Just be sure not to make it look like a spam or other people might block you.

If you have made it this far, then you are really devoted in starting your own fashion blog. Applaud yourself because you journey into fashion blogging has just begun.

If you have any questions about this article, you may comment them down below.

That is how to start your fashion blog in 6 steps. If you find this article helpful, I suggest you share this to your friends and followers in social media. You may use the social buttons below. Thank you.