Christmas is coming, and many people are busy with preparations, parties, and looking forward to the Christmas break. The period after Christmas when the festivities are over can be a grey and dismal time of year. All the lights and decorations come down, there’s nothing to look forward to but months of inclement weather, and you’ll probably be piling pressure on yourself with your New Year’s Resolutions or at least a determination to lead a healthier, more productive life in 2019.

While it’s good to make plans anid want to improve your life, making drastic changes at the start of January isn’t always the best way to achieve your goals, and very few people stick to the promises they make themselves at this time of year. Give yourself a better chance of success by following these tips on starting the new year off in the right way.

New Year’s Resolutions

Try not to be too ambitious with your resolutions, so you set yourself up to succeed rather than fail. For example, a common resolution is to lose weight, but rather than resolving to lose an impossible amount of weight in a very small amount of time, set yourself a more realistic target of losing one to two pounds a week. Instead of pledging never to eat another candy bar or bag of chips again, look at how you can swap some of your less healthy eating habits on a gradual basis.

If getting more exercise is your main goal, give yourself smaller, achievable targets over the coming months and set a review date every quarter to monitor your progress. Instead of setting yourself the target of running a half marathon by the end of the year, make your goal to walk or run for 30 minutes three times a week for the first month, then build on your success.

Learn to relax

The importance of relaxation is often overlooked in busy modern life, but getting enough rest and alleviating stress is essential to good mental and physical health. One of the best promises you can make yourself is to spend more time actively pursuing relaxation techniques and taking care of yourself. You could take up yoga or Tai Chi, for example, both excellent forms of gentle exercise and effective stress-busters.

Massage treatments are perfect for relaxing mind and body, so treat yourself to a session with a skilled massage therapist. There are many different kinds of massage available, from deep tissue to hot stone, Swedish, and crystal healing massage. You can also experience the freedom of a full body naturist massage in Hertfordshire. Meditation is another excellent way to de-stress, and needn’t be a time-consuming activity; just ten minutes of mindfulness practice each day could provide considerable benefits to your wellbeing.

To get a positive, healthy start to 2019, try doing things a little differently this year. Look after your health and wellbeing, don’t push yourself too hard, and make time to enjoy life’s journey, and you could well have your best year yet.

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