Is It Time to Move In? Don’t Miss These Four Quick Steps for How to Make Your New House Feel Like a Home

Have you recently moved into a new house and it’s just not feeling homey enough? With any new property, you have to get to know your home over time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do a few simple things to bring that comfort and peace into your new personal space.

This is your new home, after all, and you should feel comfortable!

If you are ready to make your new house feel like a home, then read on to get our four quick tips for getting that look and feel today:

  1. Focus on One Living Area

When you buy a new house, you can’t necessarily outfit all the rooms with brand new furniture. If you find yourself in this dilemma, then the easiest way to bring comfiness to your house is to focus on one main living area — such as your den or living room. Make this room your most comfortable — with a great couch you enjoy sitting on, soft pillows, and a rug that feels good on your feet and warm light.

Yellow Living Room Couch

  1. Clean From Top to Bottom

When you think about it, it’s kind of gross to think about all of the dirt the former homeowners have left behind, but somehow we’re okay with our own dirt! Give your house that fresh, clean look and feel by cleaning it from top to bottom. Move from room to room, focusing on cleaning and completing one area at a time. Vacuum the whole house, wipe clean and dust all appliances, mop the floors and light some candles. Breath in — Ah! Comfort!

  1. Add Fresh Flowers

Buying a bouquet of fresh flowers and distributing them throughout your house is an inexpensive and wonderful way to add that homey feeling and to add instant beauty to your home. And, not only that, but you are adding to the cleanliness of your home’s air by having flowers and plants around — which will continue to purify the air and add a delicious scent whenever you enter the room.

Add one large bouquet of flowers to your shopping list every week, and then add them to a handful of vases. For example, you can put a stem or two in a bud vase for the bathrooms and a larger arrangement for the dining room table or a side table in the den. Add beauty wherever your home needs a little cheer!

  1. Layer the Senses

Finally, what is so pleasant about going out to eat at a fabulous restaurant is true for your home. It’s the experience and the senses that are engaged through the experience. It’s the lighting, the smells, the feeling of the tablecloth or chair. Apply this concept to your home by doing what designers know as “layering the senses.”

An easy way to do this is to try it out in one room in your home, such as the bedroom:

  • Add soft pillows and sheets to your bed. Don’t forget the decorative pillows for color and whimsy.
  • Buy a scented candle for your bedside table.
  • Mix metals — gold frames, silver mirrors, a wrought iron bed frame.
  • Adorn your windows with flowing curtains.
  • Add a colorful rug to your floor.
  • Set up a record player and put on your favorite music

Be creative in the process, and outfit your room with different items that engage your senses of sight, touch, smell and hearing. You’ll feel comfortable and engaged no matter where you are in your house by layering these senses throughout your space.

Is Anyone Home?

Ding-dong! It’s time to invite all the new neighbors and the family members and friends to your new house — and with these quick tips, you’ll have your new house feeling comfortable, welcoming and accommodating. Who knew it could be that easy? Keep these four pro tips in mind — and let us know what you found most helpful by leaving a comment below.

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