How to Make the Most of a Sabbatical Year in Bangkok

How to Make the Most of a Sabbatical Year in Bangkok

It is becoming increasingly common to take sabbatical years as far away from home as possible for the ultimate purpose of taking a break from work. When you are literally right around the corner from your place of employment, it is all too easy to get roped into the occasional meeting. Sometimes you are called in for a ‘quick fix’ when your temporary replacement is unable to handle one or more of your duties. Many countries in Southeast Asia are popular for Americans on sabbaticals and of those, Thailand is among the favorites. Let’s take a quick look at Bangkok which has much to offer foreign visitors.

How to Make the Most of a Sabbatical Year in Bangkok

Why Bangkok?

Not only is Bangkok a huge city that boasts more than 8.2 million residents, but it is also a leading financial center in Southeast Asia as well as being a popular tourist stop. If you don’t speak native Thai, you’d surely want to spend your time in a busy tourist location simply because you will find the greatest number of locals speaking English. You can’t very well make much of your time on Thai soil if you can’t figure out where to find all the things you need to survive. Language can be a huge barrier no matter where you go, but in cities like Bangkok with a thriving tourist industry, you’ll find a significant number of people you can communicate with.

Daily Living

Some professionals are paid during their time on sabbatical while others are financially on their own. In either case, most people don’t bring in a full paycheck and so they need to handle daily living expenses. It would be wonderful to eat out in Thai restaurants and buy foods from Thailand’s world-famous street vendors, but that’s unrealistic on a limited budget. You will almost certainly be eating most of your meals at home, but how can you go shopping if you don’t speak or read Thai? Here is where you should check out meat delivery Bangkok websites because they are often in English as well as in Thai. You can order the meats you intend to cook for the week, freeze them and all without getting lost on the crowded streets of the city. You’ve come here to rest and refresh, so why wouldn’t you make life easier on yourself?

Enjoy the Serenity of Bangkok Gardens

Once again, it is important to understand that you are taking time out to ‘breathe.’ Whether you are working on a professional paper or are simply stepping back to recharge your batteries, it’s vital to take time away from the hubbub. Bangkok has a huge number of lovely gardens and green spaces for you to enjoy, so why not pick a new park each week? Visit the lovely temples scattered throughout the city and spend time contemplating in the purely Eastern way. Just because there are more than eight million people in Bangkok, doesn’t mean there aren’t corners of peace and tranquility! Eastern mysticism demands as much!

So then, the bottom line is to remember that you have traveled halfway around the world to find a place of solitude. Take the time to explore ways of enjoying a new city and a new culture without getting mired in the confusion inherent in big cities. Whether it means ordering groceries online or taking daily walks in the park, do what you can to limit your exposure to noise and confusion. By making the most of your sabbatical in Bangkok, you can return home reinvigorated and ready to move forward with your life.

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