Many people have asked me if I had a hair rebond. “How to keep you healthy?” they asked. I am not bragging my hair but many people have told me that my hair is straight, silky, smooth, and healthy. I don’t believe it but many have told me this.

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

So, I am taking this opportunity to share my [secret] ways of keeping my hair healthy.

Healthy Hair Tips

  1. Never tie your hair tightly. This is my top 1 no-to on how to keep your hair healthy. I have been doing this since I was young. I believe that tying your hair will make it wavy and will break the keratin inside. If you feel hot, I suggest doing light hair buns for hairstyles.
  2. Do not expose your hair to heat and chemicals. Hot oils and strong shampoos will damage your hair. The same goes for regular blow-drying and ironing of your hair. If you cannot avoid using them, try to lessen them. On the other hand, there are hair products for curly hairs, wavy and straight hairs which are made especially for each hair type. Using them would generously gift your hair with tender loving care.
  3. Do not wash your every hair now and then. I read an article that says one should wash her hair every other day at most. Washing your hair every day will strip it out of the natural oil it produces. But hey, you can still take your shower every day.
  4. Use the right comb. A comb with distant bristles will be good if you want to comb your hair wet, or if your hair is curly. Fine bristles are best used when your hair is dry and they are straight. Point is, there are different types of comb out there. You have to explore which one works better for you.

Want More?

So those are my tips for keeping your hair healthy. Be smart and have fun. Have good hair days everyone!

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