One of the major problems which many smokers face is in learning how to keep their homes from smelling like all those cigars and cigarettes they smoke indoors. Of course, if you have children, you are probably already smoking somewhere besides indoors, but for those who do smoke inside, here are a few bits of advice.

Set Aside One Room for Smoking

If you are smoking indoors, the best thing you can do for yourself and your home is to set aside just one room where you and your guests are allowed to light up. It is suggested that you make this a place which can easily be ventilated and is as far removed from bedrooms and living rooms as possible. Those rooms do have the most fabric, so you’ll want to keep the smell of smoke from permeating the fibers. You can easily install cigar room ventilation if you’ve chosen a room that is self-contained and away from the main the living quarters.

How to Keep the Smell of Smoke out of Your Home and ventilation

Regularly Clean and Deodorize the Smoking Room

Pick one day a week to give your walls, ceiling fans, and furniture a quick once over with hot sudsy water. Even furniture crafted with wood can be safely washed with Murphy’s Oil Soap, and that alone will help keep odors to a minimum. Use room deodorizers regularly and keep those plug-ins burning! Febreze is great for a quick spray every so often and it will neutralize odors better than you think.

Empty and Wash Ashtrays Every Day

Nothing will keep those stale odors in a room like dirty ashtrays. It isn’t enough to simply keep them emptied. Some homeowners even go as far as emptying them and replacing them after each use. This is especially true of cigar smokers who want to keep the remainder of their precious cigar for another sitting. However, don’t keep the disposal bag in your home! Even scented disposal bags will quickly begin smelling like stale cigarettes or cigars, so do take them out to the trash receptacle as soon as you empty those ashtrays.

Air out Your Rooms Daily If Possible

Although you have invested in great cigar room ventilation, you may still want to open the windows to air the room out as often as possible. While it may not be practical during cold winter months or in the heat of the summer with the AC going full blast, those are actually the times when you will want to air your smoking room out. Bear in mind that all that smoke can, and will, be filtered back through your HVAC system, so do change your HVAC filters more regularly than recommended and air your rooms out often.

Many smokers are able to keep the smell of smoke out of their homes to such an extent that no one entering their homes would ever guess they were smokers. Just remember to clean regularly, ventilate and filter the room, and keep your smoking room as far as possible from areas with high concentrations of fabric. After all that, it’s time to light up. Enjoy!

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