How To Give Your Wedding A Personal Touch

Every bride and groom want their wedding to be unique. There are many ways to accomplish this. First, you will need to decide on theme. Below, we are going to show you many ways to

Create a vintage wedding table.Perhaps you can have photos of your parents and grandparents on the table. Each of you get the information you want to share such as:

  • Names
  • Birth dates and place of birth
  • Where did they get married
  • If they are not already framed, frame them with antique (looking) frame.
  • Decorate the table with a nice table cloth and some candles.

Memory quilt

Supply a basket filled with squares of clothe and a marker. Make a sign asking guest to sign their name and leave a message. After the wedding a seamstress to sew the squares together and quilt it. This is a memory quilt you will never forget.

Whether you go with the vintage or not

Select your wedding dress as soon as possible, in case it needs to be altered. Be sure to inquire about their program where your bridesmaids can put down a very small deposit and have gowns
sent to there homes to try on.

Will the wedding or reception be held outside? If they are you can rent vintage umbrellas or nmr brand umbrellas to shade the women in your party.


We understand that some of the preparations can get costly. That is why we suggest you place a “dream” a honeymoon fund account, or browse for your dream on your unique wedding registry ideas by Honeyfund. This is a perfect way for your guests to gift you without you knowing, you are gifting them.

Parting gift

Personalise small flower pots with your names and wedding date. Order seeds in personalized packages placing one in pot. As their plant grows, it will bring life to your wedding.


Rent a venue, and invite everyone you want to the go event. Be sure to say it’s a Surprise party. You may have to play around a bit to build excitement, but be sure everyone is coming. Do not put up decorations. If you can find a venue that has a room that sections for two smaller
areas. Behind the drape is the bride and groom. The person who is officiating the ceremony and one maid of Have all your guests meet at a location and bring on the band!

Hire a Louisiana style band to play music and lead the way to the venue. Give the guest personalized, wrapped candy to hand out to the onlookers. Have the band play marching music. They will stop and continue playing while guests enter and take their seats.

Instead of a wedding, they may think you are addressing a baby shower. Instead of cake, set up a beautiful candy buffet in shades of blue and pink.

At the proper moment have the lights dimmed. When they come back up, open the curtain and they will see they are at your wedding and it is happening now. This is equal to eloping but
taking everyone with you.

Prepare “Thank you cards” and place your Honeyfund address on the cards.
This small wedding may be just what you are looking for.

With the savings, your travel budget increases immediately. There are many ways to pull off the unexpected wedding. Since no one will be expecting it,people will be more opt to write a check.

Promise to have a reception when you return. How the photos and videos and serve a nice meal. You will have the time of your life, and no one will suspect a thing.

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