For women who love clothes, love to shop, and love the latest fashion and designer trends, you probably know that new equals pricey. And, designer name brands, equal higher price tags. With this in mind, there are a few ways to go about finding a great deal, even if you want to wear designer trends, fashion, and the most well known industry brand names as well.


With online credit catalogues, you can finance it. What this means is pay it off over time, rather than full price up front. Most merchants even offer interest free periods, so if it is paid off by maturation date, no interest accrues on the purchase.

Older style

Even going with last season’s style (if it is summer, consider a few hot trends from the spring season), means lower pricing. When you don’t have the “latest or newest,” but something which is still fresh and fairly new, this means you pay less for those items as well.


Sure, you love brand names and designers; but you can find the same look with some lesser known brands as well. Shopping around, comparing different items, and even using the internet to read fashion blogs and sites, can give you a few fresh ideas so you can find the look you want, from the runways, without having to spend top dollar to build that look.

Shop online

Sites like ebay and are some of the ideal ways to find designer names, styles, and fashions, for less. Although sizes might be limited, and you don’t always find exactly what you are looking for, you can still find great looks, and top fashions, for a great deal online.

You have options when it comes to fashion shopping. For women who want the designer look, minus the designer brand name price tag, these are some ways in which you can go about finding just that.