How to Earn a Living and Better Yourself While Traveling Full-Time

How to Earn a Living and Better Yourself While Traveling Full-Time

All too many people are forced into dead-end jobs, with daily regimens that become so predictable you could set your clocks by them. While this is a perfectly acceptable way of life for some people and personalities, there are many others who yearn to be free. Being able to go as you please while seeing and doing what you want – and more importantly, when you want – is a major life goal for countless people.

How to Earn a Living and Better Yourself

For those willing to take some risks, finding a new life where earning a living and bettering yourself while traveling the world is a possibility. Let’s look at how you can make this happen starting today.

Finding Mobile Income Sources

Freeing yourself from the grind of a 9-to-5 job is arguably the most difficult part of starting any new life. Fortunately, anybody with a set of talents and/or determination can find plenty of new opportunities via the internet.

An increasing number of people are finding opportunities in the freelance sector, with job potential in everything from web content creation to graphic design. All that is needed to perform these tasks is an internet connection and computer, meaning you can take your job on-the-go and work from virtually anywhere.

Additionally, an increasing number of traditional employers are providing work-from-home opportunities. While some in-office time may be required, many employees with this type of job frequently travel and visit new places while working from a hotel room or Airbnb reservation.

Learning New Skills On-the-Go

Whether your new full-time mobile lifestyle is a temporary escape from it all or the beginnings of a permanent career, you want to have as many skills as possible. Learning new trades and improving your talents through formal education is highly recommended – even if you’re never planning on returning to the traditional workforce.

Through any one of a variety of online institutions – such as New Hampshire Colleges – you can take your classes on-the-go, just like everything else. With flexible class times and access from anywhere via an internet connection, you can log in, learn new skills, complete assignments and ultimately graduate without ever setting foot inside a classroom.

Networking with Fellow Travelers

Your new mobile lifestyle may seem foreign at first: it can be difficult to adjust to living out of suitcases, after all. Nevertheless, once you’ve acclimated to the spirit of things, there’s still the need to minimize expenses and ultimately enjoy each destination to its fullest potential.

For those embracing this lifestyle, there are many resources and communities available that can assist. Various expat forums and local groups all over the world exist to help travelers learn about their destinations, save money and ultimately enjoy their traveling experience.

If the standard work routine and busy lifestyle most people contend with isn’t for you, then you have options. It takes a bit of skill, persistence and tolerance for new experiences to finally break through, but you can begin building a new, mobile life starting today with the advice given above. Nobody ever said a big life change would be easy, but it can be both rewarding and meaningful if you follow through with your dreams!


Mary is a millennial who works as a part-time freelance writer. She's trying to realize more ways to live a sustainable lifestyle while learning Spanish on her vacant times.

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