How To Apply Patches On Jackets The Right Way?

How To Apply Patches On Jackets The Right Way

If you have recently decided to put patches onto jackets that you own, you may wonder how you can accomplish this. You have probably seen many different types of available patches, some of which will be sewn on, whereas others can be applied using heat. Once you have decided on the patches that you want, you need to attach them properly. If not, you may discover that they will fall off, or they could become large if they are not attached the way they are meant to be added to the surface of the jacket. Here is how you can apply patches to a jacket the right way.

Sew On Jacket Patches

Another type of way of adding cool patches for jacket is you can sew onto the jacket. This will require a sewing machine, the red, and a patch designed for this purpose. In general, you will sew along the edges of the jacket, so there needs to be an edge that will be sturdy enough to keep the threads from falling apart. The type of sewing machine that you will use is called the serger. This is one that can go very deep into a jacket, even if it is extremely thick. Once you have the patch, sewing machine, and the color of thread that you would prefer, you can use this to put dispatch on a jacket, which will likely be permanent.

Iron On Patches

What are the easiest ways to put patches on a jacket is to use iron on patches. Almost everyone has seen these in action. As a child, you have likely had packages that you have purchased at the local store, allowing you to put them on your clothing. It is something that does require a high amount of heat that can melt the glue that is on the opposing side. Once you have placed it in the area that you want to, you must make sure that the iron is extremely hot to apply it quickly without burning the jacket.

What About Other Types Of Patches?

There are quite a few different patches that you can choose from. Some of them are embroidered. There are others that are fancier, typically woven have unique material. PVC patches are also very easy to produce, which is why so many people are using them. Heat transfer patches are among the most popular. You simply take them out of the package, place them where you want them to be, and apply heat to the top. These are also referred to as iron on patches as well. Leather patches and also hook and loop patches can be attached to various types of material. From leather to upholstery like materials, all of these patches will remain intact if you apply them properly.

Final Thoughts On Attaching Patches

A couple of other things to consider when you are attaching patches is to choose the proper location. For example, if you have pockets on the article of clothing that you are putting the patch on, you need to make sure that it is properly balanced with the rest of the jacket. You may have a jacket with multiple patches, and you don’t want to crowd them, which means you need to use common sense when applying them. Regarding patches that are iron on, make sure that these are going on shirts that can withstand the high heat used to affix them to the exterior of this clothing.

Now that you have the basic overview of how patches are added to the exterior of a jacket, you may want to consider all of your different options. If this is for children, you will likely want to use iron on patches because these tend to be those that cater to a younger audience. If you are older and you have a leather jacket, this is likely related to some club that you are in or a group that has a patch which references your position in that group or fraternity. Regardless of the type of patch that you have, as long as you apply it properly, it should last for many months, if not years, using these simple strategies.

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