This post is a continuation of my post about how I cured my acne and started using Beauche products.

I changed my beauty regimen after having a bad headstart of using Beauche Beauty Bar Soap. Instead of stopping from using the acne soap, I bought the whole Beauche pack complete set.

Beauche Set

The Beauche pack set includes the following:

  • Beauty bar soap (90grms)
  • Clarifying solution (60ml)
  • Skin toner (60ml)
  • Exfoliating cream (10grms)
  • Rejuvenating cream (10grms)
  • Age eraser cream (10grms)

My Beauty Regimen at Night

  1. Use the Beauche Skin Toner to clean your face.
  2. Wash your face with Beauche Beauty Bar Soap. Lather it in your hand and massage on your wet face.
  3. Apply the Clarifying Lotion using upward stroke.
  4. Put Exfoliating Cream on your face. Note that this will sting. You apply it in front of a fan or AC to alleviate the pain. Do not rinse. Wait for about 15-20 mins.
  5. Apply the Rejuvenating Cream using circular motion.

Beauche Pack Review

Skin Toner

The Beauche Skin Toner is the one in pink solution. It has a sweet fragrance. It does not do much to the skin. This one is not as harsh as the other solution from Beauche. Unlike other toner, this one is applied before cleansing your face with the soap.

I just finished the 60mL bottle that came with the pack. After that, I stopped using it. I think this one is hydrating but it didn’t really make any difference when I stopped using it.

Ingredients: Aqua, Ethyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Metabisulfate, Sodium , and Vitamin C

Beauty Bar Soap

Beauche has two soap. The Gluta Soap in white, and the Beauty Bar Soap in orange. This is the one which is meant to remove pimples. The first time I used it, it really stung and made my face so red. After a few days of using it, the stinging subsided.


It made my skin very dry. Moisturizing is really important. I used it for nine months and it really helped removing my pimples.

Ingredients: High grade coconut oil, Papaya extract and Glycerin

Clarifying Solution

This one feels harsh on the skin. This is supposed to remove sebum and eliminate dirt. If you were to ask me, I think this works like how a toner should work.

It will sting on first application but will again subside after a few days of using. I suggest using it every other day.

I finished one bottle of this and I stopped.

Ingredients: Aqua, Natural Extracts in Hydro-alcohol Base,  Vitamin A & C, Hydroquinone < 0.3%, Tretinoin

Exfoliating Cream

This one is responsible for the peeling of my skin. The skin being peeled off my skin was really obvious. It looked like my face was just dried to those who do not know I’m using a peeling cream.

This stung badly. It always stings when I use it. One should use it in front of an electric fan or AC to lessen the pain. This may be used once every week.

Recommendation: Use this every Thursday if you plan on using it every week. The peeling will start Friday night (on my case), and will go on for three days at most. Do not use it if you don’t like being seen with a dry face. And do not use it if you use makeup everyday. Makeup looks really worst on a dry face.

Ingredients: Aqua, Methyl Paraben, Propylene GlycolSalicylic Acid, Stearyl Alcohol

Rejuvenating Cream

I wake up with a smooth face every morning after using at night. This is a moisturizer in all sense. I think this is responsible with the whitening of my face as well. I just hate it when my face looks oily. But other than that, this is a good product.

Alternative product: Nivea Cream

Ingredients: Vitamin E & C, Hydroquinone < 0.3%, Petrolatum, Retinoic Acid, Stearyl Alcohol, Aqua, Methyl Paraben

Effects of Using Beauche

  • Smoothens skin
  • Whitens my face
  • Removes my pimples
  • Glowing skin

I’d vouch for the following effects of Beauche above.

Yes, I had a bad start of using Beauche. I had more pimples and I was not able to manage the dry skin I had. But that is just how the way it goes. Fortunately, Beauche worked for me.

Still, some product line will work for others and might not on some. Here’s a full review of the Beauche Beauty Bar Soap.

Have you tried Beauche before? Did it work for you?

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