Hottest Prom Dresses For 2015

Hottest Prom Dresses For 2015

This article lists some of the most popular prom dress styles for this year so you can look stunning and on trend for your homecoming.

Prom is an important stage in the life of any young woman. It is the culmination of all your high school years and will be a memory you and your friends will cherish for years to come. Not to forget about all the photos that will be circulating on social media or hanging in your parents’ homes that will never let you forget how beautiful you looked at your prom. This is why it is so important for you to pick the right dress and one that is in style for 2015.

Hottest Prom Dress Styles For The Year 2015

This article therefore aims to collect some of the hottest trends in homecoming dresses for 2015. You will discover some of the most fashionable styles that are popular this year. From white Prom Dresses to black and emerald dresses, you are bound to get some inspiration for your own prom dress choice. So if you are looking for prom dresses in Chicago, Illinois, it’s good to look at stores which offer the most up-to-date trends for 2015. Here are the styles you need to keep an eye on when you’re browsing online or in store:

  • Illusion dresses. This style is brilliant if you want to reveal some skin without showing too much. It lets you show off just the right amount whilst allowing you to remain elegant and sophisticated. You can never lose with an illusion dress as they come in so many different shapes and styles. You can go with long fitted or mermaid style gowns to shorter skater style dresses. Get them decorated with pretty lace or beautiful beads and intricate patterns. You will turn plenty of heads with the illusion dress that enables you to show off your body shape in a beautiful, sleek styled dress.
  • The two piece dress. Just because it’s not your conventional prom dress, doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the hottest styles for 2015. Two piece prom gowns have been big on the red carpet this year and are designed for someone looking to make a statement entrance at prom. The crop top dresses are proving to be popular and give off a youthful vibe without compromising sophistication.
  • Lace stays strong. In 2014, lace prom dresses were big. In 2015, they are still extremely popular and hot on the trend watch. You can never go wrong with the elegant and timeless lace material. Not only do lace dresses come in a range of styles from full-length gowns to A-line designs, they can also be added into a different style gown on a subtler level and still look effective. Designers have been able to add a touch of sophistication that can never be outdated when incorporating lace into their dresses. They are still popular on the runway and will no doubt be popular for your prom!
  • Resurging the classics. Many old styles are still going strong. The low back styles and chiffon skirts, side cut-outs, and pretty sequins are still strong contenders for the most popular styles of 2015. Even though the full skirts are not as big currently, the high front slits and illusion fabrics are looking very promising.
  • High necklines. Thanks to the celebs and glossy magazines, necklines are getting higher and higher. There are plenty of halter necks rocking the runways this year and this elegant style really lengthens out your body making you look even more elegant. There are many styles you can go for with higher necklines especially those with illusion fabrics incorporated. The fabrics come to life when they have rhinestones or an applique weaved into them.



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