This summer, a few new pieces can update your wardrobe for the entire season. You don’t need to spend a fortune replacing all of your old clothes, of course, and most of your staple items will still look great this season. However, you can and should add a few new, trendy items to your look this summer season. This way you’ll look stylish without overdoing it or breaking the bank. Here are a few tips for adding to your closet and bringing your closet up to date just in time for summer vacation.

infinity pool
image by Tony Hisgett

First, make sure you’re ready for the pool by choosing a flattering swimsuit and appropriate cover for the day time. You still can’t go wrong with a cute sundress. If it’s made of a slightly absorbable material or dries quickly, this can also be used as a bathing suit cover for the beach. This year, it’s also trendy to wear a bathrobe-inspired cover-up while you’re lounging at the pool or frolicking at the beach. Some of the best little dresses and robes can be found at fashionable stores online like Peak Boutique, so click here to see some of the hottest options for the season.

Away from the beach, try a pair of white jeans to give you a trendy look without being shocking. While colored jeans were all the rage in seasons past, this year fashionable ladies are sticking with the solid, minimalistic, white look. You can help keep your white jeans looking good by washing them with a touch of bluing liquid, which will prevent your trendy piece from getting yellow or dull-looking. Pair white jeans with a light-colored top and strappy shoes for a complete summer look. These days, the most flattering fit is less tight than in years past. While skinny jeans are still worn, it’s now more acceptable to have a looser fit in the legs, which is a boon for anyone who appreciates comfort.

Finally, top your summer look with a trench coat, an unmistakable trend for this summer. Stick with the classic khaki, which looks good paired with every other color. Choose a fit that flatters you, with longer coats looking best on tall bodies, as they can be overwhelming on more petite figures. Don’t be afraid to choose a trench coat with a wide belt, which can be very flattering for your waistline.

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