Have you recently made the decision that you are ready to start shopping for a new home? Whether it is your first home or you’re just looking to relocate, it is a very exciting decision to make. With that said it’s pretty easy to get caught up in all that excitement and be wowed by the looks of the various homes you walk through.

Before you go making an offer though, there are some red flags that you should be aware of and watch out for during your house hunt.One of the best ways to avoid missing these red flags is to work with a professional realtor, such as Casa Fina Realty right from the start.

Structural and/or Foundation Issues

When it comes to the most costly fixes there are, structural and foundation issues are top of the list. These can cost you thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs, and you may not even be able to stay in your home while they are going on.

If the house has an unfinished basement,take a look for large cracks, as this can be a warning sign. You can also look at the door frames in the house to see if they have cracks and are level. Look out for visible cracks on the exterior, too. Of course, the best solution is to have a home inspector check it out.

A House That is Being Sold in “As Is” Condition

If a house is listed in “as in” condition then you can bet it is in need of a lot of repairs and attention. For some people this is fine, they have the time and budget to put into it, but if you’re looking for a turnkey property, this isn’t the option for you.

Signs of Rotting Wood

Rotting wood can point to a moisture problem in the house. This is more common in the bathroom and kitchen areas of the home and can often be seen on the flooring, the baseboards, and even the ceiling. Rotting wood can also happen on the exterior of the house, so don’t be afraid to check out such things as the door, window, and garage frames.

Five Red Flags to Watch for When Looking for a New Home

Roofing Issues

The roof is another commonplace that will act as a red flag. Ask when the roof was last done and then take a look at its condition. You want to look for shingles that appear to be curling and lifting, pieces missing, and even pieces on the ground surrounding the house. If the roof does need replacing, it will cost thousands of dollars.

DIY Projects

You will also want to look for DIY projects that have been done by the current owner, things such as electrical wiring, finishing a basement, etc. You want to be sure these projects follow buildingcode and are up to par.

Work with a Professional Realtor

When you work with a realtor they will be able to shed light on things you may not be aware of, point out possible issues in the home, and work on your behalf to secure the absolute best deal possible.

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