When people change places, they are faced with the dilemma of decorating it. We all have our preference in what style to choose, in the theme to use and the furniture that works for us.

Our family faced the same challenges when we went to a new place after living in our former residences for more than 10 years. It was a hard decision but it was a new start for us. And by that, we have more choices to make in making our new house our own.

vintage style living room


New place. New perspective. Since we are starting with a bare place, there are varieties of things we can do to make this place more comfortable for us. It’s a fair size house—not too big, not too small for a family of four.

Since my family has already invested in a few good decorations in our previous house, we brought it along with us. We have framed some cross-stitch patterns and family shots and hung them on the walls. We also used sheer curtains to allow some light to pass through keeping privacy in mind.

We also put a lot of consideration especially with the lighting which is important since my mom has a lot of paperwork she is working with every night. The local store offers some cool choices but you can use deer antler chandelier if you prefer something unique.

Making it Our Own

This shift in places is very special for us since this signifies a new start for our family. Although decorating our new house became so overwhelming, we never forgot to add some statement which would emphasis that we own this place.

My mom created a mini garden in our front yard and planted different plants and flowers. It was a relaxing kind of greenery.

My brother and I also put a lot of thought in our room. We decorated it with trinkets, and added a mini library for my novel collection.

mini library and a bike

While there are many ways you can decorate your house, some fine details should never be set aside. You can check Lightsinhome for unique plumbing accessories and appurtenances to customize your bathroom. Or maybe, you can hang your prized bike in the living room as a reminder of your hobby.

Own your place. Own your style. Like what they say, there is no place like home.

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