Are you craving excitement? If you can’t shake off the feeling of wanting to experience something new, then you can start by staying at home and browsing the world of Karton.

Karton is an online bazaar that offers surprisingly unique and exciting finds for online grocery shopping. Here are some of the most interesting products available from the Karton website today.

Detoxifying soap

A local artisan has figured out a formula that removes impurities from skin, eliminates body odor, and protects skin from pollution. With ingredients like fresh coconut milk, extra virgin coconut oil, and activated coconut charcoal, the Black River bar soap effectively detoxifies your skin, leaving you with a lovely glow. Of course, this product works for both men and women, and is available from Karton for PHP 150.00. The deep cleanse is proven effective in removing oil and dirt. Regular use guarantees clean pores and a healthy complexion.

Detoxifying Soap

Hair grower

Men and women with thinning hair will try anything they can get their hands on just to keep their manes thick and lustrous. Aloe Vera, henna, and gugo are natural ingredients known for their efficacy in stimulating hair growth. All these ingredients, plus a few more, can be found in the DLC Naturelles Hair Grower Gugo Shampoo Bar with Henna and Aloe Vera, which sells at PHP 1,290.00.

Blemish remover

When you look in the mirror, do you feel frustrated with the stubborn blemishes that won’t go away? If you have tried a handful of solutions that do not work, then you’d be excited to know there is a potential alternative to what is available from your local pharmacy and supermarket. Organic Alley Ultra White Bengkoang and Glycolic Acid Soap is an exciting product for Karton shoppers. Made from all-natural ingredients, the soap can effectively remove blemishes on skin.

Handcrafted shampoo

Perhaps it is time to join the growing number of consumers who are now partial to handcrafted products. You must be tired of the limited options available from supermarket shelves. Why not explore the offers of Karton website instead? Look for Bedrock Home & Body Essential Organic Shampoo, with retails at PHP 198.00. That is a comparatively great price tag for a product that is fragrant, and made exclusively from chamomile extract and sampaguita oil.

Karton is an online shopping platform with an impressive catalog of unique, home-made, and artisanal products for Filipino buyers. Spend time browsing the catalog, which features the products we’ve described above, and so much more. Tell your friends about the exciting new offers available from the site.

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