Have you ever stopped to really think about just how much you spend on skincare products each and every year? The cost of health and beauty products have been spinning out of control and then when you move up a step to ‘natural skincare’ products, the cost is more than many women can afford. As a result, they turn to other brands which are anything but natural and pay for more than just the cost for those products loaded with chemical additives.

Everything You Need for Skincare Is Right There in Your Garden!

Why not turn to your very own garden for the natural skincare remedies you need? If you don’t already have a garden, it’s time to think about the benefits of planting one. Not only can you grow an amazing amount of edible plants in just a small space or in containers, but you can also grow just about everything you’ll need for those natural skincare products you can no longer afford. Here are some amazing tips, many of which you can learn about on ideahacks.com.

Garden Plants for Facial Scrubs & Lotions

There are a number of plants you can grow which can be used for facial scrubs and lotions, especially good for those suffering from acne. Did you know that lavender is not only a fragrant shrub which can be used to make essential oils but can also work as an amazing anti-inflammatory and antiseptic as well as being beneficial for healing burns and cuts? Use the fresh flowers as a scrub or make an infusion to add to coconut oil to make a lotion to apply when natural healing remedies are required. Other plants which work in much the same way are burdock root, calendula, comfrey and thyme.

Planting Your Own Fountain of Youth

Once you notice those fine lines and tiny wrinkles, it’s time to start thinking about natural skincare to keep the signs of aging at bay. There are several plants which are lovely additions to any garden and will be used as a toner or can be added to lotions and/or creams. These remarkable anti-aging plants would include lady’s mantle, green tea, aloe and helichrysum. While these are known to be totally effective for the reduction of the early signs of aging, each of these can also be used by younger people suffering from acne.

A Few Words on Products You May Need to Purchase

Organic coconut oil may be one product you’d have to purchase for making lotions and balms, but the cost is cheap and can be found in almost any grocery store across the nation. Olive oil can also be used. If you want to get fancy with your efforts to keep your skincare natural, you might want to look at how to make scented soaps with many of these plants and an oatmeal base which you would probably need to purchase. Any natural oatmeal will do, but if you have a lot of land, why not plant your own oats? The idea is to keep as many ingredients in your own garden patch to significantly cut the cost of skincare products while using only ingredients proven to be natural and safe.

It’s simply amazing what you can do with just a little research and effort. Have fun gardening for those natural skincare remedies. Once started, you’ll be a gardening addict for sure – watch and see!

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