Children often poke, prod, and examine new foods before carefully testing the tiniest morsel of food. If you are the kind of person who loves throwing lavish dinner parties, your guests might be used to eating gourmet appetizers, extravagant roasts, and sugary desserts. So, when you announce that you will be introducing a low-sugar, diabetic-friendly diet in your household, you might get a series of blank stares in return. Unfortunately, easy diabetic recipes don’t always get met with a lot of enthusiasm at first. However, once you get your loved ones to taste your sugar-free cheesecake or your diabetic friendly spaghetti, they’ll become believers.

How to Create Healthy and Appealing Diabetic Friendly Recipes

Sugar Isn’t Just In Desserts

If you or a relative have diabetes and you want to start watching your sugar intake, you should not ingest excessive amounts of juice, soda, or other drinks that contain sugar. Foods such as cake and ice cream obviously have a large amount of sugar, but they aren’t the only food items you need to cut down on. Hoagies, French fries, and even lasagna can contain more sugar in a single serving than you need to have all day if you’re diabetic. You can create better, more appealing, and healthier meals for diabetics if you consider making minor adjustments to the foods that you like to eat most. There are low-carb bread and pasta, and even ways to make potatoes have less starch.

Making Diabetic Meals Look Beautiful

Adding a tasteful garnish to your meals will make low-sugar foods look more appealing and encourage diners to dig right in. Sprinkle some parsley on top of a bowl of freshly prepared butternut squash soup that has just the right combination of sweet and savoryflavors. Serve up some freshly made hummus, lay a few pieces of pita bread cut into squares and drizzle some virgin olive oil over the meal as a finishing touch. Dust a thin layer of sugar-free confectioner’s sugar over your diabetic desserts to make them absolutely irresistible and more beautiful than you could have imagined they’d come out.

Watch Your Serving Sizes

Most people simply don’t know what an appropriate serving size is, making what would have been diabetic friendly meals extremely high in sugar. Desserts that taste sweet should be savored, so it is best if you dish out smaller serving sizes. The same goes when you’re preparing pasta, bread, and foods that have a high concentration of carbohydrates. In other words, too much of a good thing can definitely be bad if you have vowed that all of your meals would be healthy for diabetics to eat and enjoy. Give your friends and loved ones smaller serving sizes of foods that are delicious and filling, rather than ladling out super-sized servings.

Consuming smaller portions, using sugar substitutes, and playing up garnishes will make every meal you eat taste and look great. Eliminating the majority of the sugar out of your diet can be challenging in the first few days, but you just have to look at what you can eat. There are endless food combinations that are safe for adiabetic that can be enjoyed by all.


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