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Technology has given us all the possibilities in the world. With the invention of internet alone we can do endless things. Click. Upload. Download. Play. Chat. Connect. Explore.

Like quality makeup brands which are being developed continually to provide better effects, technology innovates infinitely as well. As I am an explorer of new possibilities, I try to discover things which are vital in making progress in this society.


It is my unexpressed dream to enter the Aerospace. Unexplored worlds. Unexplored places.

It is my contained goal to enter Industrial world and be an engineer. Invent things. Help people.

In the end, being part of the medical field is not bad enough. Caring for others. Saving lives.

Realizing how things are, these three are related somehow.


In the advent of technology, there are places where future exists. Recently, I discovered Radiall. The site has a unique and creative design, with playful navigation and informative statements. The layout alone expressed what the place is all about—innovation.

What is even great is that it has been part of the electronic industries, as well as of the three careers I have been trying to pursue. They are also global manufacturer of interconnect components in the market. They offer not only RF Cables Assemblies, Antennas, ARINC 801 by LuxCis, multi-pin connectors but a lot more, all of which of highest quality available. Indeed, it could be a life changing to the new world.

Perhaps, future exists. It lies within those who seek it.

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