There are two things a lot of students are celebrating during December. One is Christmas, and second, it the holiday breaks that goes along with it.

The first part of my holiday break would be celebrated at home, consoled inside the room while watching movies and TV series. The second part, the more exciting I bet, will be spent at Pampanga. A few years ago, we started going to Pampanga to visit my aunt’s place. It was always a blast. Unfortunately, my younger cousin, Al would not be around with us this time since he already migrated to the U.S. Nevertheless, the fun should never end.

I’ve already stocked up on things I should bring for our holiday vacation, and here are some important fashion best collections I had to share.


December us one of the coldest months known to people. Thus, we have good reason to wear accessories like scarf to keep ourselves from the cold.

I personally don’t wear scarf on regular occasion but I fancy wearing scarf whenever I have the chance. I think it could be an effortless piece if worn with the right piece. I’m starting to invest in good scarves and have already 2 in my posession.


A-line Long Sleeve Wool Blend Simple Sweater with Scarf

I have already stocked up on sweaters after summer ended. The prints and fabrics of this piece comes in different styles and trends that’s why I always wear cotton sweaters when going out with friends and family.

The thing with this choice, it can be so flexible that you can wear any accessories and match it up with other pieces. You could shop designer jumpsuits and partner it with fitted sweaters and you’re way to go.


I do not wear head gears really, but once I found a good bonnet in one of the local shops in our area, I can’t get off my eyes it so I thought I had to buy one.

Bonnets are classic cold accessories which are trendy with musicians and rock artists.  In time with my sprouting passion for music, I’ve started to love wearing bonnets. Gray and brown are the best colors I’ve known so far.

With a scarf, sweater and bonnet, you can never go wrong with your Christmas outfit. I’ve already packed up the best pieces I have for our vacation and I can’t help but get excited about it.

How about you? What’s the best pieces you have in your backpack for this Holiday break?

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