Chic Fashion Giveaway Winner

Chic Fashion Giveaway Winner

Remakestyle X Eazy Fashion: Chic Fashion Giveaway Winner

Thank you everyone especially those who joined Chic Fashion Giveaway which was sponsored by Eazy Fashion. After verifying all the entries with the help from our sponsor, we drew the lucky name out of 1000+ entries and here is the result.

Remakestyle X Eazy Fashion: Chic Fashion Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Joy Merced! I send you an e-mail already. Please check your inbox and reply within 48 hours.

If you are still eyeing those sunglasses and pretty bracelet, you can just buy them directly at Eazy Fashion shop online at an affordable prize. You can also check them out on Facebook as well for more updates on their latest products.

For those who didn’t get lucky today or for those who miss this giveaway, don’t worry. You still have chances on our next giveaway. Just stay tuned and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay updated.


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