Remakestyle Revamp

It has been long. And something is new.

I now present to you my new layout. I made it just today because I’m getting tired of my previous layout and my taste have became so minimalistic. I have been searching and learning new things while customizing this new layout. Ofcourse, I have tried a few other layout before I settled on this one, and it was quite a headache because I am not a pro. but I am learning every minute.

The result of my hardwork.

Remakestyle Revamp New Layout Simplo


These past few days, I have been thinking of moving to Blogger. The real reason behind was because my disk space usage has exceeded already. I don’t upload the pictures in my blog here on my server and WordPress is not really that big to take up that much space. I know there might be something causing it. So, I tried to experiment.

If you have experienced this problem before, the same thing may have caused it.


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RemakeStyle X Eazy Fashion Giveaway Winner

Are you already excited?

Hi everyone! Are you already excited? Well, same here. I feel excited to announce the winner of my first giveaway in RemakeStyle.

RemakeStyle X Eazy Fashion Giveaway Winner | RemakeStyle X Eazy Fashion Giveaway Winner

So first of all, I want to thank Eazy Fashion for sponsoring this giveaway. Without you, this won’t just happen. Next, I want to thank all of those who joined this giveaway. I received a lot of entries. And last but not the least, to all of my readers. Thanks for all the support.

Okay, excuse the long talk. After verifying all entries, here is the winner. Congratulations!


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