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How to Streamline Your Vacation Wardrobe

How to Streamline Your Vacation Wardrobe Sneakers

Traveling with your family can be both extremely rewarding and extremely difficult. When considering international travel with your children, it is very important that you, as the adult, are well organized for your trip. When being in complete control of everything is necessary for you and your children in a foreign country, the last thing you need while traveling is to worry about what to do when you stain your favorite white T-shirt! (The answer: don’t bring it with you to begin with.) Here are some tips for simplifying your wardrobe for international travel: Choose a Couple of Pairs of...


Mt. Pamitinan Dayhike at Rodriguez, Rizal

Mt. Pamitinan is located at Brgy. Wawa in Rodriguez, Rizal. This municipality which is rich in environmental resources is also rich adventurous activities like rock climbing, and spelunking. But the reason why we went there was to do their most popular one, hiking. Rodriguez is the same municipality as Montalban. Although its name was changed already to Rodriguez, many people still referred to it as Montalban. Even PUJs and other local transportation still use “Montalban” in their sign board. Located a few hours (or even minutes) away from Quezon City, traveling to Montalban is very easy. Thus, for a beginner’s...