NOTD: Pink Vibe – Korean Lete Nail Polish Review

Eversince I started to have my first manicure session, I have always adored the natural color of our nails. I always opt for peach and nude nail polish colors. However, for today, I’ll introduce to you a more glamour version.

For my Nail of the Day (NOTD), here is a pretty pink color that could match any outfit anytime of the day.

NOTD: Pink Vibe – Korean Lete Nail Polish Review


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Sonar 2-In-1 Mini Hair Straightener and Curler Review

When I first attended college, I was indeed clueless of how things work their way around. I came from a place where even putting powder was considered a vanity and putting makeup was the extreme. I started from scratch in learning how to groom myself fitted for my level, with the help of my mentors ofcourse. I learned how to put makeup myself and then later on, I learned how to play with my hair.

When I was still living on a dorm, my dormmates were the one who were providing all the necessary equipments to glam ourselves. But now that I stopped living there, I need to live up and do things my own.

For starters, here is an inexpensive way to style your hair—the Sonar 2-In-1 Mini Hair Straightener and Curler.

Sonar 2-In-1 Mini Hair Straightener and Curler Review


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Online Shopping for Summer at Zalora

Hey, have you been shopping lately? It’s summer I know, and the heat just seems to be pushing you inside your home. But then, this should not stop you if you really want to get on your hands a few new pieces for your wardrobe.

That is why online shopping is invented!


There are some good places online where you could find treasures. One good example is Zalora, an online shop website which sells fashionable accessories for ladies and gentlemen, and for kids as well.

As a girl who has the eye for this kind of shops, I immediately went here to check out its products. I have already seen it on magazines, and advertisements online so, what’s there not be curious about right?

If you want to try online buying, then here is the best place to start. They offer varieties of fashionable items from shoes to clothes, from makeups to accessories; the choices are just so many.

Unlimited Choices

For summer, here are some of my favorites:

Collective.Com Ramona High collar floral maxi dress with shoulder cut out | Online Shopping for Summer at Zalora


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Many of us are always looking for new things. Cool things. Unique things. But then, in this age, everything always seems to be available. To be different may be quite hard.

But then, we live in a beeautiful world wherein people are naturally creative. They do things, create things, and improve things.

So now, I would like to show you another cool thing which fashion enthusiats would love.

Ombre Shorts

WARDROBE STAPLE: Ombre Shorts | Studded Ombre Shorts

Maybe you have an idea what an ombre is like. Ombre are popular among hollywood actresses who had their hair dyed ombre. Ombre is like blending two different colors together to create a unique look. The most popular perhaps is the natural shade of black and brown for the hair.


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