Top Summer Essentials

Every summer, girls are always busy buying new swimwear for beach trips while guys are doing their last-minute gym. Because of these activities, people often times overlooked what the essential things they should be doing instead.

Top Summer Essentials | Ball in the Pool of Summer

A month before summer, everyone should have start preparing the summer essentials they would be needing to stay chic and protected under the sun. Because summer is already here, I present to you my list of the top 3 things I must have this summer. (more…)

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Candy Style Awards 2012

Fashion events. They give life to the fashion industry and more inspirations to every ladies and gentlemen around the globe.

Last May 4, 2012, the first ever Candy Style Awards hosted by Candymag was held in Rockwell Tent Makati City. It was one exciting event where celebrities, personalities and fashion bloggers who gave inspirations to every teen  will receive their respected awards.

Journey to Candy Style Awards

Our place was really far from Rockwell Tent but since my friend and I wanted to be really present on this event, we made our choice. We just had to commute our way there. We rode on a UV Express, MRT, and finally on a jeep. It was not my first time going to Rockwell but my last time here was when I attended the 2nd Candy BFF Camp and it was during my third year in highschool. I already forgot how to go here.

So, yes, we got lost. We encountered two girls who were going there too and we had the same misfortune. We decided to go together and find our way to Rockwell Tent. It was fun because we met new friends along the way. And seriously speaking, we were never late though we arrived around 6 pm (the event should have started by 5 pm). If I remembered well, the event started roughly 7 pm.

Event Pass

Candy Style Awards 2012 - Rockwell Tent, Makati City - May 4, 2012 - Candy Style Awards Event Pass


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