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Mad Lady Shop

It has been some time guys! I have been addicted on browsing different online fashion shops these past few days. While I’m on one my usual shop hopping, I stumbled upon Mad Lady. It’s a Swedish brand that offers variety of trendy and unique accessories, including bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, tribalia, and stockings. I have been browsing their selection for a while now and I have seen many pieces that I totally feel in love with and I had already added them on my wishlist. Here are some of my faves:


Top Summer Accessories That Will Make You Stand Out

As I was reviewing my summer list, I noticed I haven’t done a post yet about summer accessories. So today, this post is dedicated about finding the right accessories for this summer 2012. If you have missed my summer list, then visit Best Glasses to Try for Summer, Top Summer Essentials, Top Shoe Picks for Summer, and Best Swimwear you Should Try for Summer. [Click the image if you want to buy the item]


Best Swimwear You Should Try for Summer 2012

If you have noticed, my post this past few days were all about summer 2012. I actually have decided to make some posts regarding this current’s season to help those who are undecided on which piece to buy. If you have missed my posts, better take a peek on my Best Glasses to Try for Summer, Top Summer Essentials, and Top Shoe Picks for Summer. You can actually click the picture if you want to buy that item. Anyway, as I was browsing, I found these lovely swimwears that albeit any girls should buy. They’re pretty cool and chic and...


Best Sunglasses to Try for Summer 2012

Sunglasses are one basic piece to complete one’s summer wardrobe. And with varieties of sunglasses to choose from, it can be hard to choose what is best for this season. However, there are just those that stand out among the rest. These are sunglasses that are in trend in summer.


Top Summer Essentials

Summer - Ball in the Pool

Every summer, girls are always busy buying new swimwear for beach trips while guys are doing their last-minute gym. Because of these activities, people often times overlooked what the essential things they should be doing instead. A month before summer, everyone should have start preparing the summer essentials they would be needing to stay chic and protected under the sun. Because summer is already here, I present to you my list of the top 3 things I must have this summer.