Brown: Earth and Neutral

The Mountains by joinash

The other week, our organization adviser asked us, “What is your favorite color and why?” She gave us orange post-it notes and was instructed to write our answer.

For a moment, I stopped and thought about the question. I don’t really have a permanent favorite color. In gradeschool, I used to put blue because it looks cool but I never had any accessories or clothes worth my pick. In highschool, I used to pick red. It looks really eye-catching, but apart from that, I don’t have any sentimental thing to tell about it.

But I have to answer the question. And after a few minutes of reflection, I came to the conclusion. Brown is my official color.

Why Brown?

Most people would have realized their favorite color at a young age. I had a dormmate once who love green so much that she would just scream with excitement at anything green. And there’s the other one who loved the color pink ever since time immemorial and wears pink clothes and lipstick shades most of the time.

Part of what I like about them is how they know what they want. At this age, we have to know ourselves already. The simple question of what you favorite color can be really tricky them. But I guess I finally found my reasons.

Brown is Neutral

You can match brown shoes with any dress. Or use brown coat with any outfit. Brown is like the lighter counterpart of black in my opinion. It’s the kind of shade you’ll never get wrong with.

Brown is actually a fashion must have part of every makeup palette and therefore, an essential shade in the fashion industry.

Brown is Earth

The Mountains by joinash
The Mountains by joinash

Most people who would define Earth would associate it with color green. I’ll be probably one of those few who will dare to differ. Earth is brown and that is something I would embrace dearly.

That pretty sums up why I chose brown as my color.

What do you think of brown? What is your favorite color?

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