Best Sunglasses to Try for Summer 2012

Best Sunglasses to Try for Summer 2012

Sunglasses are one basic piece to complete one’s summer wardrobe. And with varieties of sunglasses to choose from, it can be hard to choose what is best for this season. However, there are just those that stand out among the rest. These are sunglasses that are in trend in summer.

Tang Sunglasses

A fashionable ‘Tang’ sunglasses made of steel rim can do the trick. Embellished with silver and made up of pure leather arms, with brown tinted glasses, being fashionable have never been this easy.

Rafaella Di Montalban - Jewelled Mask sunglass

Combination of sassy and trendy, this Jewelled Mask sunglass from Rafaella Di Montalban can be pretty handy for this season. The pink palette screams chic, and style. Particularly detailed with pink pearls and agate, any girl would stand out the crowd.

Linda Farrow Luxe - Round Frame Sunglasses

Though this may be the modern era, rounded frame glasses will never go out of style for this time of year. Featuring white sunglasses made of round frame embellished with gold-tone metallic and hinge rose tint for lenses this Linda Farrow Luxe can be one’s trusty pair to counterattack the heat of the sun.

Tom Ford - black sunglasses

Big and trendy, what more could protect your peepers best. This Tom Ford’s black sunglasses have a ‘jackie-o’ style for the frame with black tint for lenses and silver tone metallic details perfect for cover-ups. What more, it comes with a hard and brown case.

Dita Condor - Aviator Sunglasses

Last but not the least, the classic aviators. Dita Condor is a great choice for aviator sunglasses. This particular perhaps is a good choice since it offers w wire frame with gradient lenses. This also comes with cleaning cloth and case. Plus it offers free shipping.

Well, that’s pretty much it. Hop on and pick the best sunglasses for you. Remember, just pick functionality and style.


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  1. kryk

    i super love the second and last photo! :>
    ang gandaaaaa! <3

    1. Marinella

      Yaay! I love those two as well. :) Though I don't know I could wear the second sunglass… it's just unique. :)

    1. Marinella

      Thanks for the compliment. Ofcourse, I would like to have some friend like you. (^_^)

    1. Marinella

      Aw, too bad. Do you have summer in your country? You should wear that when time comes. :)

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