April. May. Many students believe these months are their happiest days. I know how it feels. After 10 months of assignments, projects, and group works, who would not want enjoyment?

Still, these days don’t last that long. June is just a matter of days ahead of us. For sure now, many students are preparing for their back to school materials and are buying this and that on their local stores. But aside from these materials, college students need to prepare their wardrobe.

Yes, they have to prepare clothes and stuffs they would use. Not every school has a dress code. Some in fact allows civilian outfits. So for this post, I will share with you some good shoes I found that I think are comfortable and stylish enough for this back-to-school preparation.

This Gianmarco Lorenzi Studded Pump could be the perfect choice for staying chic at school. Its round toe leather sole make someone looks elegant, plus the silver-tone micro studding on the shoes can make you stand out.

Not comfortable with close shoes? Then try this Black Buckled Flat Thong Sandals from Balmain. I’m sure this could do the trick.

More of an outgoing person? Try this Suede Mocassin courtesy of Bottega Veneta. It has a rubber outer sole that could keep you comfortable under long walks.

So, that is my top 3 picks for the best shoe you should have for this coming school year. Have fun and explore.