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BeautyMNL Haul

BeautyMNL Shop Haul

October has been the craziest month of this semester. The deadlines, the requirements, the sleepless nights. My whole barkada and I even went to a number of overnights just to finish our projects. I even had a rough time opening my social media accounts to focus on my academics. Still it was worth it. Best part, when big things comes in small packages.

October Haul

For my October haul, I’m still trying to keep up with all natural stints journey. I’ve been trying to buy natural products and testing them for what is better and what works best for me. Then here comes BeautyMNL.

BeautyMNL zip lock plastic bag

BeautyMNL is part shop, part magazine. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz from this store lately and been following them through Facebook for a while. Then, there’s I now with a huge haul from them. Here’s what I bought from BeautyMNL:

Papaya Glutathione Soap by Be Organic Bath & Body

Papaya Glutathione Soap by Be Organic Bath & Body (P90) (P80)

I have been trying different organic and/or natural bath soaps. This is the third one I’ve tried, and the first from Be Organic Bath and Body brand.

Aloe Sulfate-Free Shampoo by Be Organic Bath & Body

Aloe Sulfate-Free Shampoo by Be Organic Bath & Body (P189) (P170)

My hair had known one shampoo brand before I ultimately decided to try and use organic and natural products. For months now, I can say I have grown accustomed to organic shampoos. They lather less so it can be pretty rough for starters. But thumbs up for the great smell.

Bye-Bye Bush Cold Sugaring Wax by Skin Genie

Bye-Bye Bush Cold Sugaring Wax by Skin Genie (P150)

I have opted for do-it-yourself wax many moons ago and I never looked back (except at very few special occasions). It’s definitely cheaper and could last for months and you can do it again and again without breaking the bank.

This wax is similar to the that which is being used by the wax salon I frequented. It is less messy than what I was using before but I am still having a hard time using it. It does not need waxing strips since it’s consistency is just enough.

Volum’ Express Hypercurl Mascara by Maybelline

Volum’ Express Hypercurl Mascara by Maybelline (P199)

Maybelline’s mascaras are the best I have used. I’ve never used this specific product but through using the other mascaras from them, I expected no less.

Hypermatte Liquid Liner (Black) by Maybelline

Hypermatte Liquid Liner (Black) by Maybelline (P249)

I haven’t really used this one yet but it for starter liner, this one comes with an inexpensive price.

Machiatto Nail Polish by Girlstuff

Machiatto Nail Polish by Girlstuff (P100)

This has been the best find yet! I fell in love with this nail polish from Girlstuff when I started using it. It’s formula is unlike other nail polish brands I have used before. It doesn’t really crisp easily and it lasted the whole week. I’m going to stuff more colors from this brand soon.

Nippon Square Sponge by Nippon Esthetic Philippines

Nippon Square Sponge by Nippon Esthetic Philippines (P60) (P40)

I just need some good sponge so I thought I had to buy these.

I was also able to get some freebies from my orders.

Black Beauty and Olay Skin Whitening Freebies from BeautyMNL


BeautyMNL Shop Haul

My order went smooth. Here’s what I love about BeautyMNL now:

  • BeautyMNL accepts Paypal, credit card, back deposits and even COD (cash-on-delivery) for Metro Manila orders. A huge plus for accepting Paypal because I use it for everything.
  • My orders were delivered within two working days. What more, they came in zip lock bags. Still reusable but now I wonder if they would be offering cloth bags in
    the future.
  • They have a section for organic products which I really adored. Thanks BeautyMNL.
  • They have a lot of brands under their sleeves. Some of them are local and I’m already excited to know them.

That’s how my experience with BeautyMNL went. I’m already thinking of the next shade of nailpolish I’m going to buy from them.

Oooh, and if you are into taking selfies, you should take the chance and join their #selfieMNL contest. You’ll have the opportunity to win a Printster polaroid of your selfie and P200 GC from BeautyMNL. Get to know them better at through their acounts at @beautymnl and facebook.com/beautymnl.

So, have you ever shopped at BeautyMNL before? How was your experience?

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  1. the maybelline hypercurl may not the best maybelline mascara ever but it’s not a bad one. i remember it actually kept my lashes curled up. i still think i prefer the magnum volume express, the one in yellow tube. i have heard about maybelline the rocket and lash sensational ones being raved on and on and i hope i can try those too, someday :D

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