Beauty-full Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Winter can be the toughest season when it comes to your looks. Outside, cold air carries less moisture than warm air; inside, heating systems tend to dry out skin and hair. Meanwhile, holiday parties increase your desire to look your best but you are so busy shopping for gifts that you don’t take time for yourself. Give the gift of beauty and make this the most beautiful time of the year for everyone on your list.

Budding Beauty

Teens and pre-teens want to experiment and have fun but also need quality skincare. Combine the two with trendy sheet facial masks; they come in cool colors and scents yet deliver serious moisture and nutrients. You can buy a set or get them one at a time and choose a variety. The low price point makes them ideal stocking stuffers. Glitter is a go right now, in everything from nail polish to eye shadow to cheek and body highlighting powder. Present it all in a shiny pouch so they can take their necessities with them on their busiest days.

Career Beauty

If someone on your gift list is becoming a cosmetologist a set of professional makeup brushes may be appreciated. Other good alternatives include a subscription to a trade journal or marketing periodical, business card holder or utility bracelet that holds cleansing wipes and other tools of the trade. If there is an upcoming trade show nearby, splurge on tickets—if you are interested in tagging along you can throw in lunch and make a day of it.

Mature Beauty

Women never outgrow their desire to look beautiful. Good skincare is a priority for aging skin but people can become reluctant to stray from their established routines. Encourage the mature beauties in your life to try new products by giving them samples. If, like many adults, your recipients seem to have enough stuff, don’t contribute to clutter. Give experiences that involve spending time with you. Indulge in tandem massages or go for brunch and pedicures. A gift like that is beautiful for you both.

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