Beauche Beauty Bar Soap Experience

Beauche Beauty Bar Soap Experience

Around January 2014, I experienced acne problems in my face. As a teenager, acne is a bad enemy. I was on my normal facial routine back then so I thought this acne would go away after sometime. To my dismay, they just spread. To make matters worse, they decided to play around my cheek and jawline area. I thought my facial cleanser is on the verge of its use so I thought of new options.

Beauty Bar Soap

One of my friends recommended Beauche Beauty Bar Soap when she saw I was having acne problem. She told me she had been using this product for two years now and I can see that it served her well. She has a smooth and fair complexion which I secretly admire, so when she shared her skin regimen, why not give it a try.

Beauche Beauty Bar Soap | Beauche Review

Around that time, a Beauche International stall has just opened in a mall near our area. This mysterious timing has led me to finally try their product.

The Beauty Bar Soap (90 g) was a steal for Php 38.00 (less than $ 1.00). I was just going to canvass prices when I heard about how cheap it was and finally opted to buy it. It was weird buying first before researching about the product but it happened.

Beauche Beauty Bar Soap contains VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil, Kojic Acid and Papaya enzyme, which are all known to help improve skin texture, and color.

Experience with Beauty Bar Soap

I actually tried to summarize everything that happened while I was using this product and this by far the best I have. I have to include the trial and error I had with my skin care regimen to make this an honest review.

First Application

When I first used Beauche Beauty Bar Soap, it was really bad. It was stinging and painful. It felt like my face was burning. It was my first application and I knew this would happen. My face also became red as apple (not to exaggerate). The only consolation then was the tightening effect. Don’t give up now right.

New Skin Care Routine

I changed my skin care routine when I used this product. The stinging of my face felt like it might be too harsh for sensitive skin. Although mine is not really sensitive, I tried to use limited products as possible. To tell you the truth, my start was awful. I used Beauty Bar Soap with Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser as my toner day and night and I skipped moisturizer. I thought this would help dry my pimples faster. Worst idea ever.

Do not skip moisturizer. I repeat, do not skip moisturizer especially when using products which could make your skin dry. I learned from my mistakes though I had it the hard way.

Outcome of my First Attempt

More pimples and dry skin. Pimples are to be expected but dry skin, no… My first attempt was bad probably because of wrong skincare regimen I followed in this dire time. A dry skin is not good and it only brings out the worst possible scenario that could happen.

Beauche Beauty Bar Soap | Beauche Review
Appearance of pimple like spots or butlig. Actually, my initial thought about appearance of more pimples in my face meant that my face was still in the purging stage. Meaning, impurities are being lifted out of my face so pimples and butlig are to be expected. That was why I still continued on using this product though it seemed like it was not working.

Second Attempt

This second attempt might be a little off now since I should be reviewing Beauche Beauty Bar Soap. However, since I realized what was off in my facial skin routine, I decided I need a moisturizer that would balance with the Beauty Bar Soap.

Beauche Age Erase Cream | Beauche Review

In the end, I decided to buy the whole Beauche Pack which retails for Php 750.00 (around $ 17.00). My target was actually the Rejuvenating Cream for moisturizer but when I realized it’s a night cream, I have to buy a day cream, which makes the Age Eraser Cream as essential. I also stopped using Eskinol Pimple Fighting Facial Deep Cleanser for the meantime.

Beauche Rejuvenating Cream | Beauche Review

Experience with my Second Attempt

Smoother and Lighter face. Since I’m using a moisturizer now, my face was not dry anymore. People around me have noticed that my face have become smoother and lighter as well.

Less Pimples. Pimples also started to say bye to my face after about a month of using Beauche Beauty Bar Soap. Take note that the first two weeks was actually part of my bad first attempt with this product. It might just have taken a week or two if I was doing the right beauty skin regimen.

 So Far…

I have been using Beauche Beauty Bar Soap for almost 7 weeks now. According to people around me, my face has become fairer and smoother. My acne is now gone. What is left are dark spots and scars caused by those little pimple vermin. I’m going to deal with them soon.

Beauty Bar Soap from Beauche may not be the best acne clearing soap around there. I could give it a thumbs up for the lightening and smoothening effect it gave to my skin; Thumbs down for the stinging and reddening of my face for the first few days of application.

I will continue to use this for another week and would give the finale verdict.

UPDATE: I made a post about my initial experience from using Beauche beauty products. I have also included the beauty regimen I did which cured my pimples.


Mary is a millennial who works as a part-time freelance writer. She's trying to realize more ways to live a sustainable lifestyle while learning Spanish on her vacant times.

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  1. Camille

    Hi I just started beauche soap last week. I dont breakout anymore. but i notice I’m starting to have small pimples and butligs. Normal ba yun? Do you have any idea if Kelan sya Mawawala? Thanks. (:

    1. Marinella

      I experienced the same reactions Camille. The butligs which appeared a few days after I used Beauche started to subside after 4 weeks. Like I stated above, I had a bad start because I refuse to use moisturizer on the first few weeks. I still had pimples and my face is still peeling around those time. If you are using this product because you have pimples, just continue on using it until you are satisfied with the result. :)

      1. Sanjida Bano

        Would you suggest the same beauty set for the blemishes and pimple problem ?

      2. Chanelle Ramos

        Pwede po bang gamitin lang ito sa night kasi natatakot akong gamitin to pag umaga co’z may pasok pa ako, sabi kasi magrered yung mukha mo kaya natatakot ako.

  2. anonymous

    Beauche products are available in Philcoa, Quezon City through Farmacia ni Dok, Stall #1, Citimall, Commonwealth Ave.

  3. Anne

    Hi I’m using this product too and I’m satisfied of the effects. Talagang nakakakinis at nakakaputi, yung face ko medyo nagpinkish so I don’t need to put make up, just natural. I advice wag masyadong kuskos, paulit ulit na babad or makapal sa pagpahid, baka iba ang maging effect. Kayo din. Lahat ng sobra ay masama.

    1. Marinella

      They have different branches and stalls nationwide.

  4. aqua

    Hi,i have dark spots dahil nabilad ako sa araw masyado last summer,can you suggest the best soap and cream to whiten my face? I used to have white face before po.i love your blog so informative.

    1. Marinella

      Thank you. For the cream, I always recommend Nivea cream but this is not really intended for whitening your skin. It works best though.

  5. Melzky

    I have tried this before and the result was great! It even shows on the photos when I attended my friends party and take note I didnt even use powder that time. And now i will use it again bcoz i had breakouts due to night shift duty. FYI.,. They have a store now in SM North 4th floor. :)

  6. che

    Nag simula akong gumamit ng product nato nong nirecomend to ng bff ko…and yes lumabas din ang piples ko..pwo na ngitim yong mukha ko…im using another cream pang mosturize kc..un kaya dahilan..?

    1. Marinella

      What cream moisturizer are you using? Anyway, by using whitening products you are more prone to skin darkening especially when you always go outside and walk under the sun without cover.

    2. jane

      years old i mean

  7. Karen A. Fernandez

    Hi po, ask ko lang advisable ba maligo sa beach while gumagamit ng beauché products like nung set? Thank you

    1. Marinella

      I believe it is fine. What’s not good is to immerse yourself under the sun for too long. Whitening products tend to make your skin more sensitive to the sun. Or so I heard.

  8. Karen

    Hi po, ask ko lng if safe ba maligo sa beach while gumagamit ng beauché products? Thank you :)

  9. Renewing Serum CE

    Hearing positive reviews about this product encourages lots of women to try this beauty bar soap too. It’s good to know that beauty companies are putting attention to skin care products that focuses in lightening skin. That’s why it’s very in demand in Asian countries. It also removes pimples which is the main problem to those who always have acne breakouts.

  10. It's me

    Sadya bang nagkakadark spot kapag gumamit ng orange soap? Kasi nagkaroon magkabilang face ng tig-isa

    1. Marinella

      Normally, pimples of extreme cases leave dark spots. Especially those which you prick.

  11. Amor Elz Tumbas

    Hi po…ask klng san po ba makabili ng beauche …

    1. Mary

      They have stalls in different malls nationwide. :)

  12. cristy anne

    Bakit po nung ginamit ko mas dumami yung tigyawat ko? Ano po bang dapat gawin?

    1. Mary

      Hi Cristy. Based on my experience, I’d suggest you continue using it. Give it a month. It takes time to see the effects. I had the same effect nung 8una kong ginamit but it was indicated naman that more pimples would show. It would take time before they would all go away.

  13. smilky

    Hi ate! I have acnes wala masyado sa face pero sa likod ko, and i’ve read na they got even more pimples and acnes habang sa paggamit? I haven’t tried the product but will definitely try soon so paano po maiiwasan yung “side effect” nya? Just to be sure. And pwede din ba sya para sa dark bikini area? Thanks!

  14. smilky

    Hello! Thank you sa review! This made me buy the Beauché Beauty Bar Soap + Beauché Gluta Soap (Do you have a review for this?) Di ko binili yung whole set because of the horrible reviews. 2 days ko palang siya nagagamit and so far wala naman redness and dryness na nangyayari. Dahil ba masyado pang maaga para lumabas ang side-effects? Or dahil gumagamit ako ng Nivea Cream every after washing my face? Kasi iniisip ko di siya umeepekto because I only use it every night before bed. Ilang beses ba dapat? Thank you!

    1. Mary

      I didn’t use the Beauche Gluta Soap so I don’t have any idea what it can do by experience.

      I used the Beauche Beauty Car Soap twice. In the morning during shower, and before going to bed. I also use Nivea Cream then so I think it wouldn’t hurt the experience.

    1. Mary

      Sis Cyril, I can only tell you to buy at your own risk on online stores. I bought mine on a pop-up store near us.

  15. Ritz

    Hi! Does the beauche. Can remove darspots/pimple marks. One of my major problem now! Pm me on facebook please. Ritz Marc

  16. Lei Corbeza

    Ginamit ko din ‘tong beauche’ way back 2013. And I am very satisfied with the results. Isang set lang ang ginamit ko, talagang sulit sya. Sa unang apply mo sobrang hapdi talaga kasi nililinis nya yung face mo. Hahaha!


    Talaga bang sobrang hapdi? Im always scared everynight kasi mahapdi nanaman but i always saying to my self tiis ganda! Ay joke tiis lang pala. Pero talagang mahapdi talaga owchii!

    1. Mary

      The trick which worked for me was lather the soap in your palm then use it to wash your face then wash it immediately with water. Do not let your face be soaked on it for too long.

  18. Kael

    Is it fine using the soap kahit walang cream or whatsoever they call it? The lady only told me to use a skin toner, yung pink ang takip ng cap. I’ve been using it for atleast a week palang and as expected more pimples ang lumalabas lalo na sa forehead. Is it still normal? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?

    1. Mary

      I advice to use a moisturizer to keep your face hydrated every day and night. You can choose another brand like I use Nivea cream in exchange.

  19. MARIE

    hi ate! i would like to try this products.. ano ano po ung routine na ginagawa niyo everyday para mawala ang mga pimples and ano ano din po ung mga product na ginamit niyo?

  20. gellegean

    is it okay to use beauche beauty bar soap for a 17 years old?

    1. Mary

      I am not an expert on this thing. But I would not recommend it to a young skin.

    1. Mary

      I’m not an expert but I suggest trying other milder products for younger people.

    1. Mary

      In my opinion, I would not recommend it to a young skin.

  21. Perjo

    Ilan months po ba bago mawala pimples?

    1. Mary

      It really depends on your case. But I was able to see the difference after about 3-4 weeks of using.

  22. zheille

    natural lang ba magkabutlig ung forehead while using beuche?and gaano katagal mwwla sya.. clarifying and rejuv and soap lng ginamit ko.. nagstop na ko ng exfoliating cream kasi sobrang nipis na face ko..

    1. Mary

      Give it a month Zheille. I also stopped using exfoliating cream after a while because of the tingling feeling and ung pagbabalat.

  23. Silver Lora A. Lontoc

    hii.. ahm . share ko lang 1 week ko palang sha ginamit pero grabe. maraming maliliit na pimples lumabas. as in sobrang dami.. Beuache soap.lang talaga gamit iba .. dapat ku po bang tigilan??

    1. Mary

      In my personal experience, I suggest you give it a month. The butligs are normal. I had my fair share of experience din on that part.

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  25. Gemma

    Hello po. Nag start palang aq gumamit ng soap. How many times ba per dat pwd xa gamitin? Thank u

    1. Mary

      I used the soap twice a daw. Morning and night.

  26. maria

    hello,pwede mag tanong san nakakabili ng beauche soap?or online legit seller. thanks

    1. Mary

      They are available sa mga malls. You may check the nearest shopping mall in your area.

  27. sherwin

    hi po ate!! 17 din po ako at may maraming pimple .. beauche soap lang po ginagamit ko.. I used it for almost 3 month.. naimprove nmn yung face ko.. minsan lng po kci grabe yung pamumula niya.. satisfied nmn ako kci medyo nabawasan din ang pimples ko kaysa nung 15 pa po ako… tagal po ba tlagang mawala lahat ang pimples ko ? gusto ko na kuminis totaly .. hahahaha. maganda lng po siya dahil palagi kang blooming especially pag bagong ligo .. haha

    1. Mary

      Yes. Matagal siya. But compared to other I have used to remove my pimple, this one did the job kaya nagtyaga talaga ako. I stopped though nung totally nawala na yung mga pimples.

  28. Kim

    Hi, can i know when do u apply the nivea cream? Thanks

    1. Mary

      I apply Nivea Cream in the morning after I wash my face. I used it as a moisturizer.

  29. layla

    Is it okay to use Beauche Underarm whitening set for bikini line ?
    just want to have a good summer and wear something good for this season ,

  30. Eleanor

    Hi po nka 3 sets ng beauche bkit hindi parin na natanggal sa face ko ang dark spot…gaano na ka tagalog mkuha ang dark spot sa mukha ko?

  31. Anyiejf

    normal lang po ba na sa pag gamit mo nung soap ng 1 week nagsisilabasan po yung pimple sa noo tsaka sa pisnge? please paki sagot po??

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