The grand finale of Asia’s Next Top Model S2 will air on Philippines TV at TV5 on April 24, 2014. This whole run through of the final episode of AsNTMS2 will be finally available to Filipinos in their local network.

Asia's Next Top Model S2 Final 3 - Jodilly Pendre, Sheena Liam, Katarina Rodriguez

Pinoy Pride on the Finale

Most of the viewers who have been watching Asia’s Next Top Model S2 who has not heard the news about the winner yet would be probably thrilled by this coming episode. Jodilly Pendre and Katarina Rodriguez, both of which are representative of the Philippines, have made it into the Final 3 along with Sheena Liam from Malaysia.

Who will be the Winner?

This part of the competition may be probably the toughest one and Filipinos must be rooting for either one of them to win. However, the outcome has yet to be revealed on the Philippines network.

The grand finale of Asia’s Next Top Model S2 has already aired in Star World three weeks ago on April 9. Some must have known who the winner was in the grand finale of Asia’s Next Top Model S2 already but the hint of thrill still remains when you watch it.

But who will it be Filipino viewers? Will the Philippines take home the title with either Katarina Rodriguez or Jodilly Pendre, or will Sheena Liam of Malaysia have it? Place your bet.


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