Remake Style is accepting advertisements, sponsorship, giveaways and product reviews.

  • Advertisements may be in the form of post, links and banners. If you also want the graphic advertisement to be done by us, then no problem. If you are interested, you can drop us a message on our contact form.
  • For product reviews and sponsored items, they may be any beauty and fashion item or any product related to my site. If you have any proposal in your mind, just drop us a message and we can arrange for something.

*Note: We must receive a full size, non-returnable free sample of the product/s. Shipping must be free including the postage fee. The review will be done within 2 weeks after we receive the product/s.

  • We can also host giveaways for you. By hosting giveaway we could help each other to grow together.

Again, you may contact me through my contact form if you are interested. Thank you considering my site. I look forward our collaboration in the future.