What is Remake Style?

Remake Style is a fashion and lifestyle blog of a millennial. While most of it covers the ins and outs of fashion and life adventure of the blogger, it also tackles travel, food, and entertainment.

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Who is the blogger behind this blog?

Mary is the forever young-at-heart millennial who runs this blog. She likes reading novels, and watching TV series and movies. Her imagination could run wild most of the time as she tries to put life into her dreams through her journal.

She's trying to live a zero waste lifestyle one step at a time. Having a low impact lifestyle is one of her main goals towards a more sustainable Earth.

How can I stay connected with you?

We try to keep this blog updated, and answer all the questions from your comments. Do check every now if I have replied already. Don't forget to leave your name and email address so I can address you properly.

If you'd like to discuss anything else in depth, you can reach through our contact form.

Are you open for collaboration?

Yes we are. If you have inquiries, suggestions and comments on how we can go with the collaboration, you can message us through our contact form.