About Ocrun

About Ocrun

Ocrun is the leading supplier of online shopping for Lolita clothing.

Ocrun’s mission is to provide our consumers and partners with products of high quality, low price, fast distribution and professional service.

Lolita is a very special fashion style featuring its childlike innocence and old-fashioned elegance.There are three main types of lolita clothing: sweet lolita, elegant gothic lolita and classic lolita. But you may also find other styles of lolita clothing here such as school lolita dresses, cosplay lolita dresses, gothic victorian dresses and so on. Welcome to ocrun.com, thanks!

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Ocrun Prom Dress Activity

Valid dates: 07/05/2014–07/31/2014

Popular Item ID: 10983

In order to repay our customers:

  • New consumers will get %5 coupon from our store.
  • The daily top 10 consumers who bought this item will get a $ 10 coupon from romwe.com !!
  • The daily top 50 consumers from ocrun.com will get one piece lolita accessory randomly.(As shown in picture)
  • Customers who ordered dresses or skirts from our store will get underskirts for free.

Come on, guys!!

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  • We have a good working relationship with romwe.com.
  • If you buy something from romwe.com by using this coupon, you will save $10.
  • Per coupon is used once.
  • Per coupon is valid within three months.


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    1. Marinella

      Awww… too bad. Good thing they have a wide range of clothes and size. :)

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