Different products are being introduced to the market today. Especially in the fast-paced fashion industry, many items are being sold, used and thrown away after a couple of use. That’s why one of the principles in sustainable living is when you opt to buy, buy second hand or something made out from sustainable materials.

A Watch Made of Wood: Tempus Elenor Wood Watch Review


Tempus Wood Watches is a lifestyle company which makes natural wood watches out of reclaim wood. That makes their product not only fashionable but also unique and eco-friendly. Their company is relatively new but has a promising design line of men and women’s watches. They even offer couples’ watches.

 Tempus Elenor

Tempus Elenor is a women’s rose gold wood watch made of Red Sandalwood. This handcrafted wood watch has rose gold numerals and dials which I think really complements the wood material of the watch.

A Watch Made of Wood: Tempus Elenor Wood Watch Review

The watch has a 38mm diameter with a case thickness of 10mm. The band comes in 60mm to 150mm length but it can be easily adjusted easily.

What personally appealed to me with this women’s rose gold wood watch is the design and material. I have never seen someone wearing a wood watch before, so when I wore it myself, I was immediately drawn to it. Since Tempus Elenor Wood Watch is made of red sandalwood, the watch itself is very lightweight that I can’t almost feel that I am wearing one.

A Watch Made of Wood: Tempus Elenor Wood Watch Review

Another good point I found with this handcrafted wood watch is that you can easily adjust its length since the Tempus Elenor Wood Watch came with extra wood strap and adjusting steel. I was able to successfully removed three wood straps within a few minutes and now this watch fit better in my wrist.

A Watch Made of Wood: Tempus Elenor Wood Watch Review

Some of you might be wary because the material is organic and biodegradable. But just like any product made of a special material, special care and maintenance is needed to make your product last. I personally think that this women’s rose gold wood watch can last for a good while. And that said, it can match many outfit with a style.

Tempus Elenor Wood Watch retails at $79.99.