6 Ways to Improve Your Personal Style in 2019

Many people often change their diet, exercise routine or self-care regimen to start both looking and feeling good about themselves each day. However, refining your style can be one quick and easy tactic that can help to supercharge your confidence.

If you want to ensure you feel chic and stylish all year long, read the following six ways to improve your personal style in 2019.

1. Create a Style Mood Board

The likes of Pinterest and Instagram have made it easier than ever to create a style mood board. Doing so will allow you to identify a style that reflects your personality. Once you have created your mood board, aim to purchase the same or similar pieces, so you never buy an item on a whim that you’ll never wear or will not feel confident in.

2. Invest in Accessories

Accessories can unify a look and reflect a mood or image. For example, a bold necklace can add a touch of glamor to a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, while stacked rings will instantly inject a little edginess into your personal style.
Alternatively, a delicate bracelet or pearls can make an outfit appear both sophisticated and elegant. Visit Froxx.co.uk to take your pick from beautiful accessories to suit your look, such as beautiful scarves, jewelry, and handbags.

3. Find Your Signature Item

Every fashionista has their own signature item. For example, Anna Wintour is synonymous with sunglasses, while Kate Middleton is known for a glossy blow-dry. If you want to ensure you exude style throughout the years, aim to find your signature item, which could range from red lipstick, a scarf, or a beret.

4. Highlight Your Assets

Everyone has areas of their body they like, which they should aim to highlight when tweaking their closet. For example, if you love your bright blue eyes, make them pop by wearing complementary clothing colors and eyeshadows. If you are proud of your long legs, wear shorts or a mini skirt to boost your self-confidence.

5. Say Goodbye to Clothing That Dents Your Confidence

Do you often feel bad about your personal style when looking inside your closet? If so, it’s time to make a big change. Throw away all the clothing items that are too tight, too big, or force you to cover up. Once you have said goodbye to the toxic garments, focus on rebuilding your wardrobe with pieces that will fill you with joy each time you open your closet to select an outfit.

6. Stay within Your Comfort Zone

Many people believe they need to change their look completely to develop a jaw-dropping style. However, it’s important to remain within your comfort zone, so you feel both comfortable and confident in your clothing. For example, if you dread the thought of wearing stiletto heels, wear flats or a mid-heel instead. You don’t need to become someone else to become a trendsetter, as remaining true to yourself will help you to develop your own signature style.

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