Many grooms often take a step back from the wedding planning, so a bride can create the big day of her dreams. However, there are some tasks a groom must do for themselves to ensure they both enjoy the perfect day.

If you want to make sure you never miss one important task off your checklist, here are five essential things every groom must do before their wedding day.

5 Things Every Groom Must Do Before a Wedding

1. Pick a Best Man

It is the groom’s job to choose his best man. It’s a big duty and honor, so pick wisely to ensure you choose the right person for the job. As the best man will hold the rings, you must make sure you choose a trustworthy, responsible person who will not lose or forget them.
You will also want someone supportive by your side, as it will be his job to settle your nerves. Plus, select a person who knows how to have fun, as he will be responsible for planning your bachelor party!

2. Choose the Perfect Suit for Your Wedding Day

A groom should talk to his bride about the right wedding suit style and color scheme before picking his suit. For example, if you are planning a traditional, formal wedding day, a classic tuxedo with a peak, shawl, or notch lapel will be perfect. If you are moving away from traditional, then various shades of gray could be ideal. If, however, you are planning a destination wedding, pick a light grey or tan suit.

3. Book a Haircut Before the Big Day

A groom will need to groom ahead of his wedding day, which will ensure he both looks and feels his best! Not only will you want to look great for your bride, but you will also want to look smart for your wedding photos. However, it is wise to book a haircut a day or two before the big day. Don’t settle for a cheap haircut and pick a high-end men’s barbershop in Chicago.

4. Find the Perfect Gift for a Bride

It is common for a groom to present a bride with a thoughtful gift on their wedding day, which she will treasure forever. Make her even more sure that you are the right man for her by ensuring she will have a gift to open on the morning of your wedding. There is no reason to spend a considerable amount of money to make her smile, as you could simply write a loving letter that will make her day even more magical.

5. Write Your Vows

Many happy couples often choose to write their own wedding vows, which they will read at the altar. Make sure you feel 100% happy to read your vows aloud by spending time writing an eloquent, thoughtful and loving piece. It’s also important for you to practice your vows, so you can look your bride in the eye as you say them, rather than staring down at a piece of paper.

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