5 Affordable Ethical Jewelry Brands

Affordable Ethical Jewelry Brands

Affordable Ethical Jewelry Brands

In 2018, each person in the United States produced around 5 pounds of solid waste each day.

Although some people may have wasted more or less, this is what the average came out to, which is quite disturbing.

When it comes to jewelry shopping, you may not think about waste. But maybe you should.

Continue reading to discover some of the best affordable ethical jewelry places that you can wear and support!

1. Catbird

Catbird is an ethical jewelry company based in New York City and has been in business for more than 15 years.

This company uses ethically sourced diamonds that have impressed people so much, they want permanent options! Catbird is a special store because they create permanent jewelry, which attaches directly to the skin. This is a great company to shop at because they have such diverse items and prices.

A lot of the other jewelry in the store uses recycled stones and conflict-free gold!

2. Aurate

One of the best affordable ethical jewelry brands to consider trying is Aurate.

Aurate is a fairly new company that started in New York City and is continuing to grow. The metals and gems that are used in this company’s jewelry come from various places, like the Brooklyn Bridge and old doorknobs. You will have a unique look with their products and know that you play a role in reusing products.

One item that you may be able to find cheaper elsewhere is stackable rings, there are many options to consider.

3. 31 Bits

31 Bits is more than just a jewelry store, it is a revolution and has a mission to empower women.

This company is based in Indonesia, Uganda, and the United States. The money that you spend here will help support women in Uganda by providing them with counseling, health care, and more. Every time you buy from this company, you will feel the impact that you are making on people’s lives.

4. Mejuri

If you enjoy wearing diamonds and pearls, you should consider getting them from Mejuri.

Mejuri gets ethically sourced diamonds and cultured pearls that were all conflict-free. This company’s goal is to help make luxury items fit into everyday life and be more affordable. Most of the jewelry from Mejuri costs less than $100 but you can find more expensive items on their site.

5. Common Era

Common Era has quickly made a name for itself and is known for being an ethical jewelry store.

This store is much more affordable than other ethical companies, primarily because the stones and rocks used in jewelry are recycled. Common Era makes beautiful Athena and Artemis necklaces, stemming from Greek mythology. You can find exquisite pieces that look like they were pulled out of history.

Find Affordable Ethical Jewelry Today

Finding affordable ethical jewelry has never been easier than now!

The list above, mentions many ethical jewelry brands that each play a role in helping protect the environment. By supporting ethical companies, you can make a big difference and feel good, while looking good.

Ethical choices shouldn’t come at a large price and with these companies, you don’t have to worry.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about sustainable companies and how your shopping choices can impact the world!

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