There’s no point in lying – blogging in 2018 is a difficult world. The biggest challenge comes from social media. Whereas before, a blog was one of the only ways that you could share your thoughts and feelings on a subject, now with Facebook, Twitter and the like, anybody can do so from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

4 Tips for Making It as a Blogger

There are also the sheer number of blogs out there. How do you get yourself heard above a cauldron of news with thousands of other bloggers all covering the same subjects?

If you are serious about being a blogger, then read on for these four tips to make it as a blogger.

Identify what is missing

There is no point in setting up a fan blog of Taylor Swift when there are already hundreds of sites out there which offer that sort of service to those dedicated followers known as Swifties. Instead, look at what is missing. All those sites focus on the here and now to do with the singer-songwriter, so why not go back in time and set up a well-resourced site dedicated to her when she was a humble country singer and not a pop sensation? Find gaps that nobody else is writing about on the subject you wish to blog on and all of a sudden, you’ve got a unique selling point that makes your blog stand out from the crowd.

Get experience writing

If your blog isn’t well written, then people won’t visit it. It is as simple as that. In order to gain experience and improve your writing skills before committing to your own blog, find someone another blog or site to write for first. There are plenty of sites out there who accept guest posts from content creators. If you want to start a news blog for example, then try your hand writing for a website such as Worldreportnow.Com before you set off on your own journey.

Post consistently, rather than frequently

Blogging throws up plenty of problems, most of which revolve around time. There are both pros and cons of posting on your blog everyday, but consistency is the key rather than frequency. If your readers know that you always post blogs on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday then they will know to look out for them and may even log onto your site in anticipation on those days. If you have a scattergun approach with three updates on Tuesday, one on Saturday, two on Monday and then nothing for a week, you’ll be posting more but visitors will never know when to expect an update.

Be realistic and give yourself a year to 18 months

Becoming even a moderately successful blogger won’t happen overnight. While some of us will find it hard to stick to something we’re putting so much effort into for such little reward, you won’t get much gratification from a blog inside of the first year. You need to grow an audience, become known as a blogger and be offering content that people want to read, all of which will take you a year to 18 months to build. If you are going to become a blogger, stick with it.


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