Choosing the right foundation can make a huge difference in how long your new home addition lasts. Below are four different options available for foundational support to your new addition.


4 Options for Your Addition Foundation

Pole Support

A pole support foundation is one of the cheapest routes to go and can offer as much support as you need for an extra room addition. It is better to use this type of foundation if the room is a family entertainment area or bedroom. Bathrooms and kitchen can add an incredible amount of weight over time. You should monitor the wood for signs of termite damage or weathering and replace as needed.

Slab Concrete

A slab foundation is the next step up in price and offers a sturdy foundation for your addition. The home improvement contractor will recommend the right amount of concrete to achieve the perfect thickness. The only problem with this type of foundation is the possibility of offsetting the height of the addition and older portion of the home. It might require adding steps down into the addition area or creating a separate entrance.


A crawlspace foundation is a preferred method used for additions. It is less complicated to set the height for each structure to match and the crawlspace easily insulated from moisture, heat, and cold. It is similar to a basement, except it does not go down as far. It can double as a storage area for items you want out of the way.

Full Basement Form

Adding a full basement under your extra room is the most expensive way to go. It can add 15 percent to the construction costs, but when finished also adds even more extra living space. It is worth considering if you are limited in area to add to your home.

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