3 Top Tips for Designing Your Fashion Website

3 Top Tips for Designing Your Fashion Website

Building a website is an excellent way of expressing your passion for something. One of the internet’s greatest strengths has always been in providing a platform through which anyone can express themselves. When it comes to fashion, the number of blogs, YouTube channels, and independent websites that are dedicated to fashion prove how popular it is. They also prove that there is a market for talented individuals to find a place alongside big brands and websites.

If you feel passionate about fashion then why not start your own website? In doing so you will learn a great deal about both the world of fashion, and about the various aspects of website design. Here are some words of advice to help you get the best start possible.

3 Top Tips for Designing Your Fashion Website

Have a Plan

It can be very tempting to dive right in with your website and move straight to the coding and building phase without first outlining your design. You will find the entire process of designing and building your website significantly easier if you know what you are trying to achieve when you begin. Without a plan, you will be forced to adopt a less efficient approach and will have to waste time experimenting with and refining ideas that you end up ditching.

It is up to you how detailed your plan is, and whether it is a plan just for the layout and arrangement of the website, or whether you want to make out your coding as well. Speaking of which….

Learn to Code

You don’t need to be able to code in order to build the website. For a number of years now there has been a range of web design tools which offer an entirely graphical interface. With these pieces of software, the user drags and drops the elements that they want into the editor and the software automatically does the necessary coding in the background.

While these allow you to build some basic websites and get to grips with the editor itself, you will probably want to learn to code at some point. There is just so much more that you can do once you are able to code, and it is not nearly as difficult to learn as many people believe it is. Code Academy is a great starting point. Here you can learn html (the universal language of the web) and languages such as Perl and Java which are used for a range of functions, both online and off.

Learning to code will open many new doors for you and massively expand your creative potential.

Focus on Content

Write about what you love above all else. Not only is it easier to write well and be engaging when you are genuinely passionate about something, but you will find it more rewarding to do so. It’s good to tackle targets outside of your comfort zone now and then, having a more varied offering of content will help to attract more visitors. For example fashion and beauty go hand in hand, and most of those seeking fashion advices will also be looking for general lifestyle advice.

If you are hoping to operate a more general news site, similar to Consolidate Times, that includes articles about fashion then you might want to consider bringing other people on board.

Starting your own fashion website is an excellent way of indulging a passion and learning new skills. So, what are you waiting for? Start building a website today!


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