Online Shopping for Summer at Zalora

Hey, have you been shopping lately? It’s summer I know, and the heat just seems to be pushing you inside your home. But then, this should not stop you if you really want to get on your hands a few new pieces for your wardrobe.

That is why online shopping is invented!


There are some good places online where you could find treasures. One good example is Zalora, an online shop website which sells fashionable accessories for ladies and gentlemen, and for kids as well.

As a girl who has the eye for this kind of shops, I immediately went here to check out its products. I have already seen it on magazines, and advertisements online so, what’s there not be curious about right?

If you want to try online buying, then here is the best place to start. They offer varieties of fashionable items from shoes to clothes, from makeups to accessories; the choices are just so many.

Unlimited Choices

For summer, here are some of my favorites:

Collective.Com Ramona High collar floral maxi dress with shoulder cut out | Online Shopping for Summer at Zalora


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The Fetish for Coats

Coats and jackets are just some of the most popular outerwear during winter and on cold days. However, this kind of weather rarely happens in the Philippines. And the thing is, it’s already summer here in our country. That is why, although I have been wanting to get my hands on one of those precious piece, I know that having one would be unnecessary and would just be a waste of space in the closet.

However, having one or two would not hurt. We live in a world when fashion rule so just as long as we can handle it and create a style that would suit it, then, nothing else matters. We girls (and guys) are just great as that.

I already have a coat own which I bought from Romwe. It looks really cool, however, like what I have said, once worn, is really warm and that’s just making the heat triple in our place. But then, it’s good for party and night outs.

PU Panelled Black Peach Skin Coat | The Fetish for Coats

I have been also eyeing some of these lovelies. Here are just some of my picks. I’ve also linked on the images where you can buy them:


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The Firmoo Crazy Giveaway Went Unexpected

Probably you have heard of the Firmoo Crazy Giveaway which was supposed to happen yesterday, April 15, 2013 at exactly 9 PM EST. Firmoo Online Optical was supposed to giveaway 100 glasses for free + free shipping. They are also offering free tint for summer. To think about it, the prizes are really awesome especially if you are one of those who really need one.

Firmoo is also known to give some crazy giveaways to their fans. They really value their customers.

Firmoo Crazy Giveaway | The Firmoo Crazy Giveaway Went Unexpected

I was also one of those who tried my luck and waited. I went on their site but it was not loading. I tried again and refreshed my browser for how many times but no luck. In the end, I gave up. I blamed our connection. Maybe it was not fast enough.


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Summer Starts at April

When you can already feel the blazing heat of the sun, and when you already want to jump on the pool to make some splash, that is when summer starts!…

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