Go Wild with Boots

Shoes have been one of the best armours of every girl in conquering the fashion scene. That is why some of them try to brainstorm for hours (and even days) before they could come up with the right pair that would suit their outfits.

One good thing about shoes is that they come in varieties of styles. A particular one which I like is boots. I just find them so wild and sexy and quite unique if you wear them in our country. Here is actually some good pairs I saw while scavenging stores.

Go Wild With Boots | 80% 20 "KIP" WEDGE BOOT

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Eazy Fashion: Your One Stop Wholesale and Retail Fashion Shop

One of the best things about being a girl is fashion. Clothes, accessories, shoes, a lot more. And what’s even best than that is shopping.

In this new millennium, stores cannot be only found in malls, streets, and bazaars. Fashion stores are also available online. Where can you find a store which can be your one stop wholesale and retail fashion shop?

You may find it hard to find one if you don’t know where to look. But here is a good place to start–Eazy Fashion.

Eazy Fashion: Your One Stop Wholesale and Retail Fashion Shop

What is Eazy Fashion?

Eazy Fashion is an online store that sells fashion items like shoes, clothes, watch, and accessories. They have a collection of what I call cute and stylish pieces that girls would love to have. The company was established March 15, 2011 in Multiply and due to the growing demand in Asian accessories, they decided to have expansion and establish their own corporate office. And now, they have become one of your one stop wholesale and retail fashion shop

Shop Eazy

I actually have personal favourites from their store. This includes the following:

Eazy Fashion: Your One Stop Wholesale and Retail Fashion Shop | CARNATION PINK ANKLE BOOTS


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GlamYou Shop – #1 Glamorous WebShop

Finding unique and stylish pieces is not really hard these days. That is because, aside from the usual mall and bazaar shopping, a convenient shopping experience has been trending today—ONLINE SHOPPING. Yup! With online shopping, you could choose from hundreds of accessories, shoes, tops, bags and many more, without losing much energy plus with affordable choices. But there is a downside. There are many stores to choose from.

GlamYou Shop - #1 Glamorous WebShop | GlamYou Shop - #1 Glamorous WebShop logo

Well then, as I was doing my usual store browsing routine, I found this awesome online shop—GlamYou.com. They have these stylish products that are very eyecatching—if you know what I mean. I was really in love the moment I saw some unique must-have items. Well, then, let me share them to you:

GlamYou Shop - #1 Glamorous WebShop | Jude, jeans and red leather heel ankle boots from Ultraficiel


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Chic Yet Handy: Mix n’ Match Candy Wallets Review

Classes is about to start again. Yup! On my part, our class will start on June 13, unlike those who started theirs on June 4. So maybe, I would be excuse if I blog my back-to-school preparation this late. (^_^)

So for this day, I would like to share to you this chic and handy wallet from Shy Shop. They call this Mix n’ Match Candy Wallet. This one I have here is pink and so fab, but actually, this Candy Wallet collection offers more than 40 color combinations. And not only that, you may ask them to make one using specific color combination which you pick yourself. Totally customized!

Chic Yet Handy: Mix n' Match Candy Wallets | Mix n’ Match Candy Wallet from Shy Shop


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